Costa Rica is going to Qatar, New Zealand lost to 10 people in the play-off

FIFA has targeted New Zealand coach Danny Haye with officials assigned to their tax or die clash with Costa Rica after being knocked out of the World Cup in a controversial situation.

The Sydney FC star Costa Barbarosses was devastated by a controversial red card in a 1-0 defeat to the All Whites which was just a big call against them.

After the match, Hay expressed surprise that FIFA had appointed a referee from the UAE as opposed to a European official, such as one selected for Sucrose’s victory over Peru.

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Costa Rica completed the 32-nation World Cup line-up with their win but a controversial VAR decision canceled out an equalizer for the Kiwis and they suffered another blow when Barbarossa was sent off in the second half.

A check for a foul by the VAR was decided by midfielder Matt Garbett who wrestled Oscar Duarte on the ground in his cross-build-up which resulted in Chris Wood throwing the ball into the net 39 minutes later. Barbarossa, meanwhile, was on the field as a substitute for just nine minutes before showing a straight red card in the 69th minute for a weak challenge.

The dream of the World Cup was shattered by 10 Kiwis

After falling behind Joel Campbell’s goal in the third minute, New Zealand dominated the possession from the start and created more and better scoring chances, even after falling to 10 men in the final quarter of the match, with Costa Rica goalkeeper and captain Killer Navas competing against the Central Americans.

“If I’m honest,” he said at the post-match press conference.

“The authorized goal was to have two players fighting for the ball. Matt Garbett could have gone to start the foul. Apparently VAR was involved and reversed it.”

Straw also questioned the straight red shown to Barbarossa.

“I didn’t see the other one up close,” Hei said.

“Our analyst, who was looking at the stand, wasn’t sure, but we could be wrong.”

He said he was shocked by the appointment of Mohammed Abdullah of the United Arab Emirates to lead a solo game.

“When we saw what Australia got against Peru last night with good quality European officiating, I thought FIFA had made a mistake in such an important game for us,” he added.

In the thrilling final, Navas saved his best, pushing Clayton Lewis’ left-footed curling shot away to block Wood’s low drive.

It qualified the 2014 quarter-finalist Costa Rica for its third consecutive World Cup qualifier and sent New Zealand to the final qualifying test for the third time in a row. The latest inter-continental playoffs came after the Kiwis lost to Mexico in the 2014 tournament and four years later to Peru.

Costa Rica coach Luis Fernando Suarez has scored his own hat-trick in the World Cup. He had previously led Ecuador to the 2006 tournament and led Honduras there in 2014.

A tough World Cup assignment awaits as Suarez and his team will face two of the last three champions in Group E. 23 November Spain first rivals, then Japan and Germany.

Costa Rica scored from their first attack when former Arsenal forward Campbell, teenager Juison Bennett gave a muscle between two defenders near the penalty spot on a low cross. Campbell lowered his left-footed shot into the far corner of the net.

A World Cup venue was the perfect gift for 18-year-old Bennett on Wednesday.

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