Daniel Fayle hoped to log minutes for the Baltimore Ravens in the rookie season,

Australia’s Daniel Falele may have just a few weeks into his NFL career, but is already making a big impression on the Baltimore Ravens.

The 22-year-old Melbourne native was selected in last month’s draft with a fourth-round pick and is expected to gain a minute as a Rocky with the 174kg star being impressed by his coach.

“The guy is big. He can move,” said Ravens coach John Harbaugh. “She has good legs. I was watching the tape right now. She’s moving her legs really well, and yet, she has a lot to learn.

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“He has to go to work every day to get better, but I hope he plays football for us this year.”

Faalele’s impressive size and skill have seen him compare to former Ravens star Orlando Brown Jr., a three-time Pro Bowl selection.

“It’s a normal comparison, isn’t it? They’re both big, big people,” said Joe Hortiz, director of the Ravens staff team.

“You must think of Orlando. Orlando is probably a little more … well, he played left tackle, No. 1, but maybe a little more physically coming out of a run blocker, where the file was probably a little more smooth and consistent. In pass pro (protection). ), In case of patient play.

“Orlando will be a little more aggressive, as you may remember. But yes, that’s a normal comparison between the two.”

This is a comparison that Falele sees himself.

“I feel like a comparison of sizes,” he said.

“One day, I want to play like him. His footballing intelligence is really good, and he uses his strength to his advantage. I think I’m in good shape. “

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