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Daniel Ricciardo did not help McLaren with his case due to another irresistible performance outside the 13th-placed point at the Monaco Grand Prix.

After failing to make progress beyond qualifying in Q2, Rickiardo started from 14th in the grid after crashing into obstacles during practice – stumbling on a circuit that gave him little chance of overtaking.

The Australian passed early in Pierre Gasley’s short 48-lap race as the Alfatouri driver climbed to order from 17th position behind a rewarding switch in the middle tire as the wet track began to dry out.

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Speaking later, Ricciardo said he expected an uphill battle the day before because of his disappointing pick.

“We knew today was going to be tough, obviously being Monaco, the results were based on a lot of qualifications so yesterday really shaped the weekend,” he said.

“I think it was amazing when we saw the rain coming, just how fast and heavy it came. We thought maybe there was some chance – but yes, obviously everyone was filled with the same tactics.

“In any case, we weren’t fast enough this weekend. So there’s nothing more to say.”

Former Grand Prix winner Ralph Schumacher says he is interested in seeing how the 32-year-old’s future intensifies statements within the McLaren team.

“In McLaren, there are rumors, one or the other,” he told Sky Germany.

“Rumors, as well as party statements, are getting higher.

“She is OK.

“I’m curious what his future will hold. It will be very difficult for him.”

Although Ricciardo had signed a contract with the British team by the end of 2023, Schumacher believes that the deal would not count too much if McLaren decided they had enough for Flandering of experienced drivers.

“If it’s the same now, I won’t see him at McLaren next year,” he said.

“A lot is happening now. It will really start at the end of August or September.”

Former world champion Nico Rosberg said Ricciardo’s problem was getting worse because of the strong form of his driving partner Norris.

“Let’s not forget this weekend that the engineers dropped him off and gave him a car that wasn’t in the right place and it caused an accident during practice,” he began.

“And once you’ve got it, it’s almost impossible to find that rhythm again on the weekends in Monaco. So I think we can let him go this weekend.

“Nevertheless, Jack Brown is openly saying that this is a difficult situation for Daniel because he is not living up to expectations.

“So it’s very important for Daniel, the next couple to do a really good job.”

Norris is sixth in Monaco, bringing his top-10 result to five this season. In stark contrast, Ricciardo has managed just one point scoring placement, ranking sixth in Australia.

“It’s a tough thing for Daniel. Lando, he’s driving to the world level. He’s a future world champion. He’s driving incredibly well and making it even harder in this situation,” Rosberg concluded.

In a similar event to Ricciardo’s 2016 Pit Stop, which he had to pay for the win in Monte Carlo, a radio miscommunication polyester at Ferrari and hometown hopeful Charles Leclerc ruined the victory.

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