Darcy Parish’s exchange with Dyson Hepel, Ken Cornes and Brendon Goddard

Ascendon star Darcy Parish’s on-field exchange with captain Dyson Hepel has been reduced, with club Great Brendan Goddard among those cheering on what happened.

The incident happened as the bombers advanced to their huddle in their 16-point quarter-time near Port Adelaide on Sunday, with Parish and Happel having disagreements over what happened during Ascendon’s goalless opening period.

The exchange between Parish and Happel, which included defensive pair Jack Kelly and Zach Reid, as well as co-captain Andrew McGraw, sparked Ascendon, who gave Port a five-goal lead in the final three quarters of the match.

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“When you’re at the bottom of the pump, these kinds of issues are highlighted and revealed in a way that probably shouldn’t be done,” the Great Kane of Port Adelaide told Cornes Nine’s. Footy is categorized Of exchange

“I don’t really think about it. I think that’s what good clubs do. You talk about it on the field.”

However, Cornes turned to Parish Happel at the end of the couple’s conversation.

“Darcy Parish, you’d rather be involved with her than move there,” he said.

“You want to make sure your house is absolutely disciplined with everything you demand from your teammates, and I’m not sure it happened defensively with some of his efforts this year.

“In a good club, no problem. When you go through tough times, it looks pretty ugly, and I don’t think they’ll review it and think it was a good look.”

Cornelius’s view was supported by Goddard, who said that the parish’s work reflected his development as a leader.

“(Parish) It’s nice to see him do this because it’s probably not in his nature,” Goddard said.

“He’s quite introverted and I would say it’s not normal for him to do that in terms of having strong conversations with people. I thought it was great.

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“Of course, I’ve been a part of it in the past, but when teammates are playing a game like football which is a very competitive, emotional subject, there will be some discussion that is urgent, which is sometimes seen. Extremely aggressive. But that’s what happens.

“When good teams do it and they win, it shows good leadership and strong leadership, but when it’s a team that loses or goes bad, it suddenly goes over the line.”

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