David Noble has hit out at rumors of a ‘sufficiently untrue’ quarrel as North Melbourne

North Melbourne under-fire senior coach David Noble has launched a formidable defense, with the club’s CEO by his side showing support during his weekly press conference.

Since the start of the Kangaroos’ 1-9 season, Noble has been under a lot of pressure to hold on to his position, which has come amid reports of player instability.

The Kangaroos’ struggle has intensified this week as three of the club’s recruiting staff have been dropped from the mid-season draft.

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However, Kangaroos CEO Ben Amerfio poured water on suggestions that there were serious rifts within the club, saying the whole staff was united.

“I talk to the players, our coaches talk to the players … the players are happy. They’re happy. That’s what they’re telling us. They’re very busy,” he said.

“I can only say what the players and the captain are saying to us. The coach has our support, he has my support, he has the support of the board and as you have heard, he has the support of the players. Made, they say they’re coming here to enjoy. He’s our man. “

Nobel has hit out at recent reports about his relationship with his players, labeling the stories “substantially untrue.”

Noble said: “I understand that this is a difficult time to come. I have come a long way. I want our club to be successful and strong.”

“Everything that is being misreported from the outside is not right … the relationship between the players, the relationship between the coaches, that I was instructed by the club to apologize. They are all untrue. Enough untrue.

“I hope people stop reporting them because they are not true. I don’t know how many times I have to say that our players are involved and our players are moving forward and our coaches are great.

“I have a great relationship with our coaches wherever we go and I have a great relationship with our CEO and the board. We understand exactly where we are going. For the last time, we are moving forward together. Yes, it is challenging. Is it sometimes challenging? Because it is difficult to create high-performance.

“From where we’re making it, it needs to be tough. You have to argue and you have to challenge. Players are unhappy when they’re not in form and they’re not on the team. We’ve got it. We’re talking about how you get better. Clear with the information. But I’m here for the challenge and I’m not going anywhere. “

North Melbourne No. 1 pick Jason Horn-Francis also reported this week that he was spoken to after not informing the club about his tour of South Australia for Mother’s Day.

The future of the 18-year-old club has been the subject of speculation since the deal was postponed until the end of the year, but Noble insisted everything was fine.

“It’s not uncommon for a first-round player not to sign a contract … It’s not uncommon. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it as a problem.”

“The club didn’t know he was home. He wasn’t in trouble. He wasn’t suspended. We talked to him and said there was a protocol because he wouldn’t know what would happen if his drugs were tested and we don’t know his whereabouts.”

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