Dean Lonergan’s Joe Goodall warns of ‘dark arts’ after Justice Honey Kevin

Both Justice Honey and Joe Goodall’s camps initially promised fireworks that have been considered the biggest heavyweight fights off the coast of Australia for more than a century.

With Honey’s first fight since a 10-round TKO win against Paul Galen last June, two former sparring partners will compete with one finger at Brisbane’s Nissan Arena on June 15. He has a 5-0 career record with four wins by knockout.

Although one of the most popular young prospects in Australian boxing, the 23-year-old fears his promoter, Dean Lonergan, Goodall (8-0-1, 7KOs), who is training with legendary Kiwi coach Kevin Barry.

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“It’s a fight that worries me deeply,” Lonargan said.

“Joe Goodall, if we go back 12 months, I don’t think he could be half a fighter today, 12 months after Kevin Barry.

“He (Australia) left the coast for Las Vegas as a mental and physical marshmallow. He’s back and his body is granite-like. I have no doubt that Kevin Barry’s DNA is heavily embedded in him.

“Kevin is a master trainer in my opinion. What Kevin brings to the table is his desire to win and he will do anything to win. It will do.

“Whether it’s elbow, headbutting, low blow, Kevin is a master of all the dark art of boxing and it is safe to say that this fight worries me that Joe Goodall will come to the table with many things we have never seen before.

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“Kevin has already hinted at this on several occasions. Joe has spoken of a junkyard dog that will keep coming. I can tell you that he will keep coming and he will come up with dirty tricks. Going. “

Although Goodall said Lonargan’s assessment of him was somewhat “harsh”, Barry refused to take the bait from his ex-partner.

“They’re trying to get an emotional response from us. I want to tell you this: our team is very, very focused … Any comments from Dean Lonargan or anyone else will not divert us from our plans and our goals,” he said. .

“And our goal is (a) June 15 for the Australian public and hopefully some people around the world will see what a good fighter Joe Goodall is … this is the strongest goodwell ever.”

Goodall’s manager, Steve Scanlan, advised the 29-year-old not to take more than six rounds to defeat Honey.

Although Honey’s father, Rocky, believed the fight would not go far, he suggested that his son would be victorious at the end of it.

Honey himself refuses to predict the outcome, instead setting off fireworks inside the ring.

“Action speaks louder than words. I can say the same thing … I’d rather show everyone what I’m going to bring and what I’m going to do.”

“He said he was coming to bang. I’m coming to bang … I think we both came to make a statement.”

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