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Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has said he was “devastated” by the death of his former teammate Andrew Symonds, setting aside the pair’s apparent collapse.

Clarke posted a photo of himself and Symonds on Instagram, presided over by Shane Warne, around the SCG after the spin-king’s last Test match against England in January 2007.

The single word caption, “Destroyed” is followed by a broken heart emoji.

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He posted two more pictures, one of himself and Symonds before a Boxing Day Test at MCG, and the other of a one-day international batting together, with the caption, “Opponents are appealing. I don’t like anything more than that. To play for our country together.” Getting out. “

The one-time close relationship between the pair broke down after Darwin sent the all-rounder home from the ODI series against Bangladesh in 2008.

Symonds’ famous 2008 striker incident

Clarke, who was Australia’s stand-in captain in that series in the absence of Ricky Ponting, was part of the disciplinary meeting that was held to hand over Symonds, who missed a team meeting after going fishing.

Clarke wrote in his autobiography, “Relationships that have deteriorated since I became captain, I did everything in my power to rebuild my friendship with Simo, but he didn’t want that.” My story.

“Losing that friendship kills me. Ever since Warney retired in 2007, Simo has been my best friend on the Australian team and my favorite cricketer to play.

“When I become captain, I am determined to do better. It will cost me another friendship.

“With Andrew Symonds, no one will let go of the pain I lost.”

Talking last month Brett Lee PodcastSymonds said he suspected their relationship problems could become a highly sought-after all-rounder in the Indian Premier League.

Deccan Chargers signed Symonds for 1.8 million.

“We got close. I used to bat a lot with him when he (Clark) came on the team,” he told Leakey.

“So when he came along I really cared for him. It made a bond.”

Tubby remembers ‘entertainer’ Andrew Symonds

“Matthew Hayden told me – when the IPL started, I got a good deal of money to play in the IPL – he identified it because there was some violence that probably came into the relationship (with Clarke).

“Money does fun things. It’s a good thing but it can be a poison and I think it can poison our relationship.

“I have enough respect for him that I probably didn’t go into detail about what was said.

“I don’t have a friendship with him anymore and I’m comfortable with it, but I won’t sit here and start muddying.”

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