Devin Haney and George Cambosos Jr. come close to fighting after the camp title fight

Devin Haney and George Cambosos Jr. may have had a lot of class after their World Cup fight, but that doesn’t mean there were no fireworks in the ring after the final hour.

The referee held the hands of both fighters and looked at his father, Bill Cambosos, as Haney was declared the winner by a unanimous decision.

The move did not go well with the Australian camp, with the two fathers jumping at each other as a swarm of others also left to engage in clashes.

As happened: Haney claims that Cambosos won by a unanimous decision against Jr.

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Eventually, promoter Lu Dibella had to jump in the middle of the ring to avoid a clash between the two camps.

Haney and Combos continue slagfest

In the midst of all the chaos inside the ring, Cambosos, the ever-gentleman, found Hanny before personally handing over his title belt to the 23-year-old American.

Haney was apparently frustrated, uttering the word “Don’t Fake Up My Moment” when he lifted multiple title belts around his shoulders.

Despite the bad blood between the two camps, Haney paid tribute to the defeated Aussie, calling him a “true champion” for giving him a world title shot if others did not.

The two fighters will face each other again in the near future.

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