‘Diablo Immortal’ takes micro transactions to new, terrifying heights

The year is 2017 Electronic Arts, the ideal carrier for horror video game publishers, has just released the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II, And people were upset. In particular, its fans Battlefront The series was horrified by the micro-transactions in the new game (for the uninitiated, micro-transactions are a game element that allows players to pay real money in exchange for further progress in the game). Micro-transactions encourage the worst behavior in video games, where “using Mami’s Visa” becomes a joke about how many bad players will outperform the good until they gain and benefit. This is an option that is widely hated by the video game community, and EA was forced to bring back their microtransaction program, teaching gamers a valuable lesson about what gamers should or should expect to endure.

Or so I thought. We’re here, five years later, and another publisher has just released a new installment from a favorite series that has caused a great deal of controversy over the game’s monetization system. On Thursday, Activision Blizzard — if EA is the most hated publisher, Activism Blizzard is not far behind — was released Diablo is immortalA mobile version of its long-running and addictive action role-playing game (ARPG) series.

The game has been ridiculed since it was announced as a mobile game, so late in the development process, Blizzard announced a port on the computer that would allow access to people who just don’t want to play action games on their phones. In “Fun”. I quote around “fun” because it has become quite clear, very quickly, that the game has been launched with a terrific promise for micro-transactions.

Using real money, players are allowed to buy large amounts of player power, leaving behind those casual casuals who want to play a game for no more than thousands of dollars for fun. That’s not an exaggeration, and it gets at heart problems Diablo is immortal: Since the game’s microtransaction system was announced, fans of the series began to maneuver around many of its systems, and the general consensus is that players who really want to maximize their characters can spend thousands of dollars.

Of course, that’s an extreme example, but the problem with that Diablo is immortal Isn’t spending money really optional if you want to experience all the games it has to offer, especially the end-game content Diablo 3 Living for more than a decade after its own rocky, real money-involved launch. In order to have the highest level of campaigning and player-to-player combat, players need to raise their character gear to the level of obscenity and these achievements cannot be achieved through casual engagement. Like most mobile games, Diablo is immortal Time-getting encourages improvements so that people can either play every day for a longer period of time or spend money.

Of course blizzards have to make money Diablo is immortal, And the game that costs millions of dollars to develop should cost some money to play. But that’s the basis of the strategy that these seemingly free-to-play games want to pull. Instead of charging $ 10 to download and play a relatively thin game, they grab people by making it free, and then expect that enough players will spend money on micro-transactions to blacken the game’s revenue.

Micro transactions Diablo is immortal I limit more progress and content than similar marquee games. I will eventually run into a wall of progress, where I will have to spend a lot of money to level up my character to access the most exciting parts of the game. If I try to fight other players in the PvP battle of the game, I will be rolled over by someone who has spent a lot more money than I planned. It’s not really the player’s fault, theoretically: if they have a disposable income and really love the game, why not spend money to enjoy more?

In practice, however, such systems are predatory. Developers bank on “whales”, or spend enough money to bankroll all players who don’t spend a dollar, and those people are usually extreme fans of the game no matter what. It’s no different from how the gambling industry works, so much so Diablo is immortal Not being introduced in Belgium and the Netherlands, as those countries have banned the use of real money for “loot boxes” or similar game items. Blizzard has made non-launches in those countries “in the current operation environment”.

Placement Diablo is immortalThe fact that other developers use micro-transactions beyond the already exploitative markers is due to the fact that Blizzard is extremely good at what they do, creating perfectly tuned RPG games to activate players’ addictive emotions. A certain generation of gamers can talk at length about the hours and hours that have been spent on looting once and for all. Satan IIAnd Diablo is immortalIts hooks are just as sharp. The battle is an interesting take Diablo Series, and both PC and my phone are fun to play. Graphics, especially on a phone, are one of the best I’ve ever seen for a game like this, and it has a fully realized world and story that makes me want to see what’s next. I’ll probably finish the original story and reach level 60 at some point, but the feeling of wanting to continue playing to feel everything Diablo is immortal There are offers that have been dulled in advance by financial requirements to go there.

What can be a great experience during a long wait Diablo 4 Credit card holders have become the worst example of the crazy dash for the wallet of players in the video game industry without any consideration.

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