Doesn’t anyone think of stupid kids?

Among all the other necessary skills and credentials, the leadership of the opposite thinking for our country’s prestige-centric press really incredibly demands a kind of hollow-slate chance-the-gardener’s ignorance about the basic normal-life element. That way you can stroke your chin and look at the distance in between and say, “Ask my liberal friends কেন why is it that you ‘drive’ on the ‘parkway’ … and ‘park’ on the ‘driveway’ ‘Do … “and then cash your check for three million dollars while the rest of us shake the ground in amazement at the purity of your insights.

It is okay (those who hire for this job) if ignorance is only or greater performance; New YorkJohn Chait, for example, is nobody’s genius, but I suspect he’s not half as big a fool as pretending to be alive, and it’s not a small part of what makes him kneeling and disrespectful and incapable of honor. Only fake brain damage can have a hidden dignity threshold, the depth of insanity they will not pantomime even for big money. What makes this AtlanticIts Connor is a unicorn in the Friedersdorf field. He is the most shameless sailor who has ever lived, as on the scale of man Respect Who secretly carried a bowl of fish between his knees all his life for a dumb magic trick, or a real-McCoy idiot, or both.

Here Connor is asking a suffocating dumb question on Twitter (where, like the most perverted people in all our media, he does his best job). Do you think that is possible? She’s thinking, thinking, To understand a general idea of ​​young children – some people like this, others like this, and some like not or both, and everything is fine – they are being explained very simply?

Before asking the question whether pre-kindergarten-aged children can be expected to realize this idea, one way or the other, imagine how much an intellectual has to be out of touch with human life. Have you ever met a pre-K baby? They literally talk and think. Pick their full deal in the category. What does this man think of childhood? Does he think schools are there to teach you things you already understand? How does he think a small child can understand what a “table” is? What is number two?

There is no way for children to understandProfessional thinkers for America’s most prestigious magazine, confidently, in public, Some dogs have short fur, others have long fur, some can’t really say, and others have curly fur.. Children, in Connor Friedersdorf’s imagination (apparently the only place where he encountered one of them, because anyone who has met them can prove they know about a thousand different types of dinosaurs), understand two kinds of things, but not three or four. Three out of some things are much more. There are two types of animals, cats and dogs. There are two colors, red and blue. There are two types of pores in your body, type of eating and type of bowel movement. Kids will be ready to learn about the third and fourth things later. Probably in graduate school.

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