Don’t root for Will Oklahoma in tonight’s Softball World Series

Listen to me I will tell you to do something very, very difficult. I want to focus on you because it takes away all your willpower. To do this you need to transcend every fiber of your being and every emotion in your brain. But you must. You see, you can’t root for the University of Oklahoma in the NCAA Women’s College World Series. You can’t.

Last night, I was passing my bedtime to watch the Oklahoma Sunners absolutely crash into my favorite Texas Longhorns in the first of three great series. Oklahoma hit a record 6 home runs against Texas last night to win 16-1 (and it really bothered me to type).

Of course it will be easier for them to root. The current Oklahoma team is probably one of the best softball lineups of all time. They go to the game tonight ব Brace yourself সাথে with a huge record of 56-3. Last year they won the World Series. Their record? 56-4.

Oops. Isn’t it enough to make you believe that they are ridiculously good? How about this. After each of their three defeats this season, the Oklahoma team ran-ruled their opponents in the next game.

Oklahoma softball has been dominating for almost a decade now. They won the series in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2021. In 2019, they were runners up. In terms of batting, they are the leaders of Division I. And Home run is like facing the Oklahoma lineup in 1927 against the Yankees. Of course, maybe you can beat a great batter, but their whole lineup? It’s an impossible frontier.

Check out this Homer bomb of Jocelyn Alo a few days ago:

Alo is one of the best hitters seen by NCAA. He has the most career home runs in NCAA softball history (120). And he broke the record? Which was in the hands of former Oklahoma slagger Lauren Chamberlain, aged 95. Light hit more than 30 home runs in three consecutive seasons. I’ve seen him play dozens of games this year. Given something consistently smart and hit on the light plate, it’s a tragedy that he can’t be drafted into a team for a million dollars. Its swing is crisp, light, and fast. She is strong. Last night, he hit two home runs.

And Alo is just one of the great hitters on this team. Jennings also made two home runs last night (fourth and fifth in the series). And he hits right after the light.

I’m not rooting for Oklahoma Conquest. By no means. Are they personable, exciting, and fun to watch? Yes! But here I have a single goal and you should do the same. I want to lose Oklahoma tonight.

I know what you mean Kelsey, you don’t want them to win the World Series because you went to the University of Texas-Hukem Horn and Oklahoma is your opponent! First off, yes. That’s right. It would be a physical pain for me to see Oklahoma being given a rankless longhorn broom. But! Listen to me. The reason I ask you to join me for the route against Oklahoma tonight is that, if they lose, we will see this Oklahoma team play again on Friday. Such teams, with such lineups, are rare. It’s special. And only two matches left. Only one if Oklahoma wins tonight.

You can root for whomever you want on Friday, if the series goes that far. But for tonight, we must all come together to root out the infamous Suners so we can have one more night to watch them bat before the end of the season.

It’s not impossible! Despite the devastation of Texas last night, they beat Oklahoma once in a regular season, one of three Sunars. Missing. So it is not impossible. Unseeded Texas has already lost two ranking teams in the series.

Having a team in this dominance is good for the sport. This creates the title. It brings in new visitors. The University of Oklahoma is building a new $ 27 million softball stadium that will seat 3,000 fans. Better if the series goes into three games and more people get to see this team. It’s good for sports, it’s good for players, and it’s good for me personally.

Game Two will be played tonight at 7:30 pm ET. If Oklahoma wins, they will be back-to-back champions, the first team to do so since. Themselves In 2016 and 2017. The season they spent, they deserve it. But what will happen if we win on Friday. What if we see this lineup smash softball for extra nights? What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? That’s what I’m rooting for tonight. Join me

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