Doubts over Tom Trobojevic’s season after being ruled out with a shoulder injury

By Chris de Silva and Mark Churches

Manly Sea Eagles star Tom Trobozevic’s injury continues to suffer after suffering a dislocated shoulder due to his team’s loss to Paramatman.

Trobzevich, who has already missed a major part of the season due to a knee injury, came off the field in excruciating pain in the 64th minute after injuring his left shoulder while diving for a loose ball in the in-goal area.

After Manley’s 22-20 loss to Iles, Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler has confirmed that Trobozevic has displaced his shoulder and added that the club will wait for the results of the scan to determine the full extent of the injury.

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The unfortunate incident has left Nine’s commentary team muttering collectively after watching the replay.

“You get a good measure of the player’s behavior in injury,” Storm told the great Billy Slater Nine’s. McCar’s Golden Point.

“JT (Johnathan Thurston) and I got our fair share of shoulder injuries and it’s really an awkward joint and it takes a lot to get back from them.

“You can sometimes rehabilitate them and you can strengthen them and come back and play, but the way Tom went down the tunnel, he was frustrated, he was in a lot of pain. They got their shoulders back in the socket, but how? That is the big question.

“We hate to see it happen to Kaur, but Tom had his fair share of injuries and he certainly doesn’t deserve it. He’s the most beautiful person in the world and it’s hard to see.”

Thurston added, “As a rugby league fan, you don’t like to see any player play, let alone one of the best in the competition.”

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“I feel sick to my stomach as he walks. You can see he’s devastated. It’s not going to be good for the Manly Sea Eagles for the next few weeks.”

Trobozevich’s injuries affect both the club and the delegates, with just a few weeks to go before the start of the State of Origin series. He is one of several injured New South Wales stars, including Ryan Papenhuen and Lateral Mitchell.

“We have one more week to go, but if you go back to the original history of the state, some great victories came in the biggest setback,” said Brad Fitler, Trobozevich’s original coach. McCar’s Golden Point.

“That’s the beauty of the game and there’s a great opportunity for a player out there now. I was pretty confident he was going to play in the centers, so there’s a chance for one to make a name for himself and move on step by step.”

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Despite the injury, Fitler was impressed by Trobozevich’s overall performance and his commitment, which was evident in the drama in which he was injured.

“I saw him run out at the start of the game and said he was looking a bit free,” he said.

“Throughout the game we saw how his legs and knees were moving, he was strapping all over the place. Please.

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“There was a knock-on in front of him so he didn’t really have to dive for the ball, the game was over, but it showed what kind of player he was, the rush of death, just the line he kept on his body.

“That’s what you want from your players, you can’t ask for more than that. He certainly won’t play State of Origin, but going out like that says a lot about him.”

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