Dragon vs. Cowboy, Jack Lomax, Paul Galen, Andrew Johns

There is nothing to deny the unprecedented potential of Jack Lomax.

The Dragons Center was, after all, a member of Brad Fitler’s 2020 State of Origin Squad.

But rugby league legends Andrew Johns and Paul Galen hit the 22-year-old hard on Friday night after a poor performance.

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Lomax was far from his best as the Dragons lost to the Cowboys 31-12 in Townsville.

Perhaps the most ugly moment of the night for Lomax occurred early in the second half, when he tried to give winger Tautau Moga a flick pass just 10 meters from the Dragon’s try line.

Lomax took the bold step and Cowboy flyer Murray Toulagi paid him, jumped on the footy and dashed to score.

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“There’s a really good player out there,” Gass said in the commentary. , Said Johns Nine in post-game coverage.

Bouched Lomax flick pass backfire

Galen backed the former Knights champion.

“She leaves with them sometimes, Joey,” Galen said.

“He’s a very good player, he’s a very good player.

“There are some games where he passes a no-look flick pass or a no-look and it stops for him, but tonight he had a flick pass 10 meters away from his own attempt line (and) it didn’t come after the game. There was another pass that went over the sideline.

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“He has to fix the basics of the game. You’re right about that. You can’t always play nice or flashy; sometimes you have to get it back to basics and get the game done.”

Fitler Coy in the Lateral Origin Plan

Johns said Lomax’s losses were shared by the dragons as a whole.

On Friday night, Anthony Griffin’s men had a chance to keep the top eight, but they remained in ninth place due to their seventh loss.

“It’s the whole Dragon team. They have to get the basics (right). They’re doing stupid (mistakes),” Johns said.

“If the Dragons could get some balls, get some repetitive sets of sixes and apply some pressure, they would be able to get some points. But they couldn’t do it all night. The attack is very simple. “

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