Dremond Green mourns the loss of Derrick White’s three-point shot for Boston

Warriors forward Dremond Green has admitted that some of the less-heralded Celtics players turned off the lights in a game at the NBA Finals and would do the same on defense if given the chance.

While Boston’s best player, Jason Tatum, had an off-night, it was left to Al Harford and Derrick White’s choice to make a combined 12 three-pointers as Boston blew Golden State out of the park in a one-sided fourth quarter.

Green says that at every rate, something you have to beat – and they can only be unfortunate.

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In his podcast the morning after the loss, Green said, “Derrick White has not shot three very well throughout the playoffs or historically throughout his entire career.”

White hit a deep three where Steve Curry guarded him with a few minutes left to tie the game at 103-103, before Boston left for the final.

“All we know is that he’s capable – and obviously, the world knows he’s capable since watching last night’s game,” Green said.

“Some of the three threes he hit last night … I think three of the five threes he made were on people, right in his face.”

White finished the 6-11 shoot with 21 points, five of his eight three-point attempts.

Harford, not even known for his deep shooting ability, fired eight to six shots from downtown.

“When something like this happens, you have to live with it – at the end of the day, something you have to lose and you’re going to pick in an NBA game, you’re more likely not to lose,” says Green.

“You know Jason Tatum can beat you, you know Jillian Brown can beat you.”

It’s unlikely that Harford and White will shoot that well again, but it was balanced by Tatum’s 3-17 shooting performance, with Boston now the right to go right ahead and win the title.

The second game is Monday at 10 a.m., AEST.

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