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Leading AFL reporter Caroline Wilson says Luke Parker’s insulting Dylan Schill is the “most arrogant” and “un-swans like” moment he has ever seen from a Sydney player.

Parker made headlines for mocking the hardness of the rock around the ball in a clear sneer caught on camera after Swann’s 58-point win kicked off a goal on Saturday.

It was a moment when Ascendant the Great greeted Matthew Lloyd by greeting Sheel or one of his teammates for “plowing straight through Parker” in a way that “you never wanted to be a footballer.”

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But Wilson viewed the moment from a different perspective, saying Parker’s actions were a terrible sight for the swan.

“I heard Phil Davis say in the commentary, ‘Luke Parker got it in him, he got that nigga’, but I never saw it in Luke Parker,” he told The Edge. Real Footy Podcast.

“I understand what Matthew is saying that they should have supported their teammate. But what about Luke Parker? I thought it was the most arrogant, like the An-Swans, bad behavior that would come back and bite him.

“I didn’t really like it.

“And he kept doing it. He did it about four or five times. It’s not Bloods culture. I bet John Longmayer was absolutely shocked when he saw it. I didn’t like it at all.”

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“You don’t want to see this kind of thing in the game from your captain.

“All he did was kick a man when he was down in the most arrogant, humiliating way. That’s what I thought.”

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Wilson added that it was a “good theater” for the game, but still a bad look for the club.

“Sydney is my second team, I admire what they have done for three decades and what a great club they have become,” he said.

“But every time he (Parker) did it, I thought, ‘What are you doing? You’re just a teenager, naughty and a little annoying.’

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