Dyson Hepel’s pre-game speech failed to initiate Ascendon’s win over Carlton, score,

An exciting pre-game address from captain Dyson Hepel to a huddle that saw past Ascendant legends fail to capture the bombers’ slides with their hands tied to current players.

Happel’s emotional speech was the highlight of the night as Ascendon marked its 150th anniversary with a great pre-game presentation featuring the likes of James Hard, Kevin Shady and Matthew Lloyd.

Unfortunately for Happel and the struggling bombers, the thrilling scenes before the bounce weren’t enough to help the 2-10 bombers defeat their arch-rival Carlton, who was the winner in the 12. 8. (80) to 7. 12. (54) MCG.

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Heppel, who has been widely criticized for being too friendly from time to time during his tenure as captain, was fired as before, with his jersey and bombers emblazoned on his chest several times to dispel his allegations.

Melbourne’s Great Gary Leon Fox said in a footy coverage, “You can’t choose them completely and I’m not sure if we’re allowed to be completely honest, but it’s a big moment.”

“It’s a really big moment in the history of this football club. It’s nothing more important than that.”

“This guy was under a lot of pressure. He joined us (on Fox Footy) On the sofa) Just three or four weeks ago and you can tell how much this football club means to him. It was heartwarming. And he’s still addressing his team at the hands of the Ascendant royalty, including that back-to-back James Hard. “

“It’s as symbolic as the gauze,” added former Killer captain Nick Reold.

While Ascendon failed to secure a win on his big night, Hepel’s pre-game speech drew a lot of praise.

Hepel’s stunning speech to the Bombers players was one of the highlights of the pre-game event, with Hard entering a rare official presence for Ascendon since the club’s infamous supplementary story.

The 2000 Premiership captain entered the sacred MCG turf through a cloud of smoke and received a heartfelt congratulation from the faithful bombers present as he repeatedly lifted his bombers scarf into the sky.

Ascendon’s last Premiership coach Kevin Shadio made a stunning entrance, landing on the isle, waving his jacket over his head as he famously did against the West Coast Eagles in the 1993 season which has become an iconic moment.

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