ESPN invites Patrick Beverly to give a small compliment for Chris Paul’s season

Humanity has finally discovered an interesting use case for Morning Sports TV: Whenever a star player is suddenly dropped from the post season, the biggest hater in his workplace should be invited to publicly slander him.

The day after the Phoenix Suns were insulted by the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7, Patrick Beverly woke up very early to run the ESPN Morning Gauntlet. (By his own account, there is Beverly Paul and his “cute shit” are angry From high school.) Throughout today’s episode Get up And Take it first, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Chris Paul called for benches; Paul is referred to as the “cone” in defense; He said he went to bed early at night before guarding Steve Curry, but drank steak and wine the night before the game against Paul and Sons; Claims that his fellow players, such as former Clippers teammate Paul George, are not afraid of Phoenix and want to actively match against them; And urges Paul to accept “Ben Simmons slander.”

Beverly correctly describes Paul acting in an angry way to officers. He enthusiastically argued that Paul’s role as president of the players’ union played a role in the treatment of his preferred ref. He used to talk so badly that sometimes, co-host Stephen A. Smith can only stare in silent amazement. It was virtuosic. Even Beverly’s comic timing was a little better than I expected.

ESPN can collect narrative and meta-narrative days from the time of Beverly on the set, if not weeks. Retired player Matt Burns was here this afternoon Meanwhile, the network’s own news cycle is pushing forward Mentioned “the disrespect I saw earlier today from Pat Beverly.” Viewers have learned a bit about how NBA players (or at least one of the most annoying NBA players) view other NBA players (or at least one of the most annoying NBA players). Everyone has won!

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