Ferrari engine boom again

I am not a professional mechanic. I only know how to open the hood of my car, how to test the oil and coolant and how to drive my car to someone who actually knows what is going on with it. One thing I do understand about the car, though, is that a car engine should not be given in the middle of running it. It’s bad. The engine must not blow smoke on the person driving it. I say this because Ferrari, one of the best engine makers in the world, seems to have forgotten, so it seems good to remind them.

At today’s Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan, they should not breathe a sigh of relief in the middle of a Formula One race, not once, not twice, but four times. The first car to die today was Carlos Sange’s Ferrari, which engineers have reported as a “hydraulic problem”. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds bad.

Then on the 20th, another Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, had to leave his car because of the smoke coming out of it and over his head! That sounds super bad! He was also in the lead!

Then, Two more cars with a Ferrari engine (Alfa Romeo’s Guanieu Zhou and the smiling Kevin Magnason) had to retire. Too bad! Worse for many reasons, one of which is Carlos Sange and Charles Leclerc are both defector suites. What dare our sweets be abused like this by their bad mechanics! What kind of unjust world?

The second reason is that it still seems like a race this season is being decided by engine disloyalty, not by actual drivers. This is not fun to watch. It sucked when it happened with the Red Bull earlier this year and is sucking now. But the Red Bull has simply stopped that problem. Ferrari must do the same!

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won today’s Grand Prix, followed by his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez. The race would have been more exciting and more fun if the two Ferraris that had been Red Bull’s best competes this season had survived. Without them, the Red Bull would have won a victory that didn’t seem exciting. There was no pressure towards the end, no lead change for the first place, and no street racing usually offered at the top of the pack.

“It hurts,” Leclerc told Sky Sports. “It simply came to our notice then. I can’t find the right word to describe it. It’s really frustrating. We need to look into it. “

I agree! Someone should check it out! Looks like there’s something wrong below!

Today’s failure comes at just two Grand Prix after LeClerc’s engine failure in Spain cost him a top podium spot. In Monoco’s most recent race, Ferrari was able to destroy LeClerc’s lead with an unpleasant pit stop that lost his precious time and dropped him to 4th place.

Ferrari car is not that fast! LeClerc has won pole positions in 6 of the 8 races so far this season. The problem is the car is unreliable. The smoke is coming out. It is locked up. It’s a little terror! Ferrari engines are now booming in almost every race If I were in charge of the Scuderia Ferrari, I would just fix the engines! I will No. Allow them to smoke all the time or let my sweet take a quick break from the race. Losing points due to engine failure is bad for the team, but getting rid of fun racing by a stupid engine problem is bad for me (a new fan).

They should probably fix the engines soon. Because the next Grand Prix is ​​in seven days. Good luck!

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