Fight at Suncorp Stadium, The Broncos vs. Manley, Wayne Cunningham, Paul Galen and Phil

Rugby League greats Paul Galen and Phil Gould both agreed that it was time to punish the restless spectators after the NRL’s Magic Round was damaged by violence at the Suncorp Stadium stand.

On Friday night, footage spread on social media of supporters of the two teams clashing at the Western Stand of Suncorp Stadium, a brawl that involved Manly Great Wayne Cunningham.

Cunningham alleges his family was set up by several people, when his son unexpectedly got into an argument after he and his girlfriend were “hit in the back of the head.”

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The incident alone saw the three men evicted from the ground by the police and fined for disorderly conduct.

“We all have a drink and we all want to use it as an excuse, but it’s not an excuse,” said Galen Nine. 100% feet.

Fans trade blows in NRL’s magic round

“Which of the following is a criminal offense? If it is a criminal offense to fight in public that you cannot do, they should be charged with a criminal offense.

“Ban the instigators who are just causing problems there for life. They should be banned for life, everywhere in the rugby league, for life.”

“You go to the rugby league with your family and kids to watch the game and enjoy the footy, don’t go and start talking rudely to the women and keep going.

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“It’s ridiculous. I know we’re so tribal and hardcore about the team we follow, but go to the foot and punch him. I think it’s ridiculous.”

In another incident, West Tigers’ Jackson Hastings needed security in the middle of a match to get a fan out of the stadium after making derogatory remarks about Playmaker’s family.

Why not train a gold fighting dog

Gold said the examples of the Magic Round are the biggest problem in the growth of junior sports and rugby league in the lower grades.

“It’s anti-social behavior,” Gold said.

“Antisocial behavior and sideline abuse is the biggest obstacle to junior play in all games, not just the rugby league. It’s our biggest problem.

“Antisocial behavior and abuse on the sidelines in junior league fixtures, it pushes people away. It pushes people away from the game. It pushes people away from going to support these kids.”

“It’s not good for participation. It’s a huge issue and it’s one that I’ve talked to the government many times about trying programs and trying to alleviate … that behavior at Suncorp Stadium was unacceptable.”

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