Finally, a baseball beef for a new generation

The long-term sustainability of baseball can be questioned every day if you don’t have a real inclination to have fun, but it’s getting points to try. Not through a change in organized rules or the City Connect disgusting work that only seeks to revive the compressed fan base to slow down, but through biological development that no one has organized meetings for ideas or struggled to monetize.

No, we’re looking at Jock Pederson and Tommy Farm. They are idea people. In a melting world that is getting a little worse every day, they are occupying a completely trivial but relational set of problems for kids to make baseball less, better, baseball-y.

Their exchange on the Cincinnati outfield on Friday afternoon – well, slapping Pham Pederson for calling him an “disrespectful shit” and calling Pham for not understanding the rules of Pederson Fantasy football – year after year baseball is more modern American than anything, and it’s just accepted. Two people entrepreneurial attitude and courage to work. They didn’t clear it with their managers, they didn’t take it to the top of the suite or call their players ’representatives. Most people in baseball’s declining 18- to -35 demographic target range have done just that. Five months after the league ended, they argued over a number of silly things; There was resentment between them and they did it in such a way that Pederson got one of his own and Pham got three-game suspension.

Not that we have opinions about punishment, remember. But it was thoughtful, even in terms of intelligence, that they shared their beef and seemed to support each other in more or less detail.

“It was about my former team. I didn’t like it and I didn’t like the sketchy shit going on in Fantasy, “Pham said Saturday. “We had a lot of money in the line, so I looked at it as if there was a code. You’re fucking my money, then you’re going to say something disrespectful, it has a code. “

Hooray! Another code argument! See? Here’s the cutting edge thing. But has applied the form code.

“I said I didn’t forget that shit, and I went over to him and slapped him,” Pham said.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But it’s not about talking about sports or work. It was about fantasy football, and a demo baseball has now fought for decades and failed to touch.

Pham and Pederson played in the same Fantasy Football League in 2021, Pham said. Pederson said Friday that Pham had brought charges of fraud against him because he “kept the players on my bench.” Pederson said he saw the rules used in the league and he was on the right. A group dispute over the text for the league, sources said Athletic Different teams include MLB players.

You can now get into a debate as to why Pham made his response as a slap instead of a full-on punch, or why Pederson didn’t return, but it’s not important to confront. That’s what happened, and it happened for something that had nothing to do with baseball. And it wasn’t a debate about unwritten rules at all. That refreshing stuff.

Compare this to the new debate over whether the decision not to be in the dugout during the national anthem was honorable or disrespectful, or how 28 of the other 30 directors tried to belittle their own position (or 29, if any). Tony LaRussa’s one-quarter-support-three-quarters-disagreement count) The whole debate comes down to a white voice and a mouthful of taffy, We support him but I will not say that I will do the same thingDave Martinez of Washington completes it with a baseball perspective: he avoids music because he has other pregame stuff.

Now it can touch fantasy football because anyone who plays fantasy football doesn’t stand before the game to sing (after all, the networks stopped bothering them earlier that year), but it seems to be the kind of argument old people make. Fighting over who said what in the Fantasy League seems more contemporary, more so with what the heirs of our hot-mess-on-talk national culture think are related. The serious things we refuse to deal with because we don’t want to fight big battles that can destroy us all, or waste time finding the right way to kick those cans – sadly it doesn’t strike America. We prefer to argue about obscure terms like fantasy football and “disrespect”. It’s trivial. It comes and goes fast. It’s clickable.

So, in a frustrating yet marketing-savvy way, Pham and Pederson have been able to link baseball with the next generation of sports fans. We like to argue with “code” because MVP is like debate or etiquette: the presence of a potential adversary or even music, they are never to be disposed of. They have never been able to find a solution, and we are all here to talk.

The sad part, though, is that neither Pederson nor Pham have talked about their role in the league or the other boys in the league, or the lack of it in the Beef League. Too bad. They are missing an opportunity to connect themselves with the first effective reach of baseball to the lost generation. But the lesson remains the same, for both young and old যাই whatever you do, do it to protect the code.

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