Formula 1 2022, Monaco Grand Prix: Mick Schumacher Crash, Video

Pressure is mounting on Mick Schumacher to hold a Formula 1 seat after the young man crashed en masse during the Monaco Grand Prix.

The son of seven-time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher had a scary moment when he lost control while navigating a 27-lane high-speed swimming pool chicken and threw his smile into the barrier and split his car in two.

Schumacher emerged unharmed from the wreckage and blamed the accident for being more than 10 centimeters wide.

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The 23-year-old Monaco failed after qualifying for the Saudi Grand Prix after a brutal high-speed accident that left him hospitalized.

After the Monaco Grand Prix, Haas boss Gunther Steiner was clearly upset with Schumacher.

“It’s not very satisfying to have a big crash again,” Steiner said.

“We need to see how we can get out of here.”

Steiner had already warned before the Monaco Grand Prix that his patience with Schumacher was waning.

“You’re not in Formula 1 forever,” Steiner said.

“There is a line of drivers who want to drive there.

“I’m sure he’s aware that no one is waiting for him.

“He’s working very hard at it, but it’s very difficult. This formula is not an easy business.”

Schumacher is in the final season of a two-year Formula 1 deal with Haas.

He finished second in the full-time drivers in 2021 and remains in the same position after the first seven rounds of the season.

“Of course it’s very annoying,” Schumacher said of his crash in Monaco.

“In terms of speed we were definitely there; it’s just a matter of keeping track of it and I unfortunately couldn’t.

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“The speed felt strong and it seemed we were able to attack and push.

“Unfortunately we’ve just gotten a little bit wider, which was probably a matter of 10 centimeters towards the end, and that’s enough to make you lose all the grip you thought.

“Unfortunately such results have occurred.”

There was a terrible weekend of laughter in the catastrophic situation in Monaco, Kevin Magnusen also recorded a DNF.

Shortly before Schumacher’s collapse, Magnusen retired due to a power-unit problem.

The next Grand Prix will be held in Azerbaijan on the second weekend of June.

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