Fremantle Dockers hand Melbourne shock rate

The Dockers have blown away the entire season with a stunning 38-point win over reigning Premier Melbourne in the MCG.

After scraping just two goals in the opening half, Fremantle opened the floodgates with a brilliant 42-point change in the third quarter as they piled up eight goals to one.

Fremantle held Melbourne to a goalless draw for the last 50 minutes of the game to hand the Demons their first defeat since Round 19 last year – breaking a 17-match winning streak.

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“Hunters have become prey here,” Dwayne Russell said in a commentary on Fox Footy.

“This return from Fremantle is remarkable.

“They’re seeing lightning all over the ground.”

“This is one of the greatest quarters in the history of the club,” added commentator Anthony Hudson.

The match-up was the Dockers’ first and only scheduled game at the MCG for the 2022 season – that is, until they return in September. This is their first win on the ground in three years and their second win in their last seven games there.

Fremantle’s forwards were crucial to the win from behind, with Lachi Schultz brushing an early error in front of the goal to equalize career-high four goals and Rory Lobe three kicks.

The spectators took ownership of the area in the first 10 minutes, but still struggling for accuracy in 2022, they could not push first because they missed the opportunity to score early.

The lobby slotted the opener when Travis Collier lowered his eyes and hit the key forward at a solid angle from 40 meters.

But David Mundi came up with an immediate response through leading goal scorer Bailey Fritz after Jack Vinnie hit the target in the 50s after missing a tackle in the middle of the ground.

Despite showing a glimpse of the Premiership promise throughout the season, notably, for the third week in a row, the Dockers could only manage two goals in the main break before starting their counter-strike.

In another blow to the Melbourne disaster, Demons star defender Steven May was knocked out of the match on the first change after being cleaned up by teammate Jake Lever.

Lever’s shoulder hit May in the face when he flops on the turf for a convection test before attempting a loot.

On the way to the final term, the medical sub was also activated for free forward Matt Tabernacle as he was assessed for a previous complaint.

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