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Legendary New South Wales coach Phil Gold has ruled out a change of staff for the Blues for two games, warning that rushing to the selection table could throw the team into “terrible chaos”.

The names of Josh Addo-Carr, Matt Burton, Jake Trbojevic, Apisai Koroisau, Reece Robson and Haumole Olakau’atu are among the names cast as possible additions to the NSW.

The Blues must beat the Maroons in Perth on June 26 to keep their dream of retaining the Origin Shield alive, but it remains to be seen whether coach Brad Fitler will tinker with his side.

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Gold, who led NSW to six series wins in eight attempts across the 1990s and 2000s, batted out of the selection at Nine. 100% feet.

Rule # 1: Don’t pick your team until next week’s medical Done (out), all of a sudden you’ve got six changes to the team and you’re going to throw yourself into a terrible mess, “Gold said.

“All we have to do is go to the medical school next Sunday afternoon and see who is available.

“No. 2: We were not given belts. We were just beaten.

“We just need a little bit of a change in our mentality and the style of football we’re playing.”

Gold then reconsidered his argument in the Wide World of Sports. Six tackles with gas.

Penrith’s Nathan Cleary, Jerome Louie, Isaac Yeo, Liam Martin, Brian Too and Stephen Crichton were all members of Fitler’s 17 at the Origin Opener.

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Gold believes that each of these men deserves a place in the team, but he argued that the Panthers’ style of play had a profound effect on how the Blues handled it.

“I said in my podcast this week that I felt it was a little too pantheized,” Gold said.

“It goes without saying that not all Panthers players deserved to be on the team. They do – they are the best around.

Great clash with Test schedule drama

“But … taking club combinations to Origin can be dangerous at times. I had an Origin team where we had lots of Canberra Riders players or lots of Newcastle Knights players or lots of Paramatman players. Get your club mentality and your club football rooted and hope that Opponents will not be ready for it.

“It was when we got a little free on the back end of the game and played some more ad-lib that things (blues) started to open up.”

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Gold Hooker was also criticized for the output of Damien Cook, who made just 89 runs long and gave football shocks like Cleary, Louie and Yeo.

“I think we need to get a lot more out of Damien Cook’s dummy-half. I felt like he had to get the ball to the other three playmakers.”

James Tedesco?

The rugby league guru has also made a point of NSW fullback.

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“I don’t think we’ve got Tedesco anywhere close enough in the game, so he did it on effort,” Gold said.

“He was just saying Tackle One, Tackle Three, Tackle Five, saying, ‘Here, I’m the captain, I’m trying my best.’ But I didn’t really think they’d be consistent. “We’ve got these great playmakers, they’ll see.” Well, Queensland was ready.

Gold then returned to its original point.

“Right now, I’m not looking for a change.”

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