George Cambosos Jr. vs. Devin Haney, Fight, Duty, Rat

There are many indications that his world-title lightweight-integration duo with Australian George Cambosos Jr. points to Devin Haney’s incredible confidence, but the 23-year-old American is still sheltering a concern.

Although reluctant, a man named Cambosos Jr., known as the “Rat”, received a COVID-19 jab for Sunday’s fight in Melbourne and agreed to change promoters and networks.

Haney is also committed to a rematch in Australia, and remains dedicated to the competition despite the federal government refusing to allow her father and coach to enter the country because of previous convictions.

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Haney bows to a long list of commands to make sure her dream fight goes ahead.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat him.

“You (Tim Cambosos) can get what you want,” Haney told Cigar Talk.

“You wanted a lot of money, or you wanted to be there (country of country). Whatever the case.

“I just wanted a fair judge, I just wanted a fair playground and that’s all.”

Frank Stea, who helped organize Haney’s training program at the top, is also upset with the judges.

“Like anyone in the United States, my only concern is how fair the performance is, how fair the judges will be,” Steya told Fox Sports.

“We know it’s not going to be a local judge.

“It’s a crowd, too. You’re expecting over 40,000.”

Haney will clash with Cambosos Jr. with a 27-0-0 record, proud of 15 knockouts.

Joel Judah, father and coach of former American boxing star Jab Judah, is taking care of Haney in the absence of his father and coach Bill.

“I agree with everything they want,” Haney told

“Whatever it is. I didn’t argue. We (nothing) found our way, but we didn’t (any) argue. We said, ‘We can do whatever it takes to make the war happen.’ Well, that’s my promoter now, to make the fight happen. If I had to rematch with you twice in Australia, so be it.

Cambosos promises to send Hani home

“It didn’t matter. I just wanted the belt. I want to keep my name in the history books forever. Only six people did it and I want to be next.”

“Eventually there will be a king in the lightweight division – and this will be me.”

Cambosos Jr. has a 20-0-0 (10 knockouts) record and is ready for his first fight since his instantly famous victory against American upstart Teofimo Lopez in November.

Cambosos defeated Lopez to win the WBA, WBO and IBF World Lightweight titles.

The 28-year-old will fight Haney at the Duckland Stadium in Sydney.

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