Gillan McClachlan accused of ‘losing appetite’ for Tasmania-based 19th team

Apple Corps has been accused of trying to “hand over cold hard cash” to the AFL after asking the Tasmanian government for বছরে 20 million a year to launch a 19th party on Apple Island.

Despite great pressure from the Tasmanian government to have its own AFL team in the state, there has been little movement to make it a reality in 2022.

According to Caroline Wilson of The Edge, a team based in Tasmania has moved off the list of priorities of outgoing AFL CEO Gillan McLachlan.

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“I’m afraid Gillan McLachlan is losing his appetite, Tasmania is losing his appetite,” he told Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“He has not met Tasmanian Premier Jeremy Rockleef and (AFL chairman) Richard Goyder since the premiere.

“It’s a first-order priority and he didn’t see it as a priority, and neither did Richard Goyder. The task force met at its head office last Friday, and there was no sign of Gillan McLachlan at that meeting.”

Wilson believes the AFL is asking the Tasmanian government for an over to appease club presidents who are “introducing Tasmania”.

“Colin Carter said in his report that there should be $ 7-11 million in government subsidies. AFL has asked the Tasmanian government for $ 20 million a year,” he said.

“The taskforce has made a 10-year offer with a lot of extras in the first year and with Colin Carter at the top of the list, the AFL is not interested.

“I’m afraid it’s an ambitious claim and a cash grab to get the presidents to line up with the AFL without knowing it will happen.

AD’s solution to the AFL’s Tasmania problem

“If that doesn’t happen, it’s the end of Tasmania. It’s the end of Tasmanian football. It’s dramatic. There will be fewer players, fewer fields, less hunger. This is an upcoming sport. Tragedy in my view, and a social tragedy.”

However, former Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has defended the AFL boss, saying the league’s top priority is to sort out his next broadcast deal.

“He has a job – to close the TV rights deal because it pays for everything,” McGuire said. Footy classified.

“I talked to Gill tonight, he’s flat out. He’s hanging his tongue, he’s working hard at the moment. If I don’t think he was, if I think he’ll check out, I’d say.”

According to McGuire, establishing a strong team in Tasmania would require 20 20 million a year.

“I think the number of Colin Carter reports was low,” he said.

“I think every time the AFL has created an expansion team they’ve gone miles to sell it to the president and the presidents aren’t going to deal with it.

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“These are statistics – if you don’t want to, if you expect – they are statistics that will give you a chance to be a successful team in Tasmania, not another team to be defeated for the next 10 years.

“I’ll tell you what people are sick of in the AFL, all the clubs are sick of financing everyone else at the moment. Everyone has to start paying for them in the AFL.”

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