God told Jordan Binnington to hit his enemies with a water bottle

The availability of media from Locker Room Clean-Out Day is usually sad in every sense of the word, but at least we hear Jordan Binnington explain why and how he threw a water bottle at Nazem Qadri after he lost Game 3 of their series against Nazem Qadri. Snowfall. Short answer? Divine intervention.

For those who don’t know much about the Water (Bottle) Gate, Qadri collapsed during the game after a blues defender got involved with Cale Rosen and Binington suffered a knee sprain. Sometimes the right NHL Department of Player Safety decides that the incident is no longer punishable, as it did, but the Blues disagree. Binnington did the same, at least for the moment, as he threw a water bottle at Qadri during a postgame interview, after he had had enough time to change gear.

Add to that the fact that Binnington “didn’t find a reusable bin” and it was natural that the water bottle should be used as a projectile. Perhaps God is moving in mysterious ways.

Sensitive reactions are difficult to control at the moment, with caution that despite this, when we become adults we are usually able to resist our bases, the beastly tendency to throw things we don’t like. Ten days have passed since the incident, and a lot has happened during that time, including both Head coach Craig will be out And Multiple blues players Basically, it means that Qadri knew what he was doing, the blues spent the whole game on Qadri scoring hat-tricks, and many people made racist threats against Qadri and Qadri’s family. There is a nagging tension between language and racism that has since fueled the conflict and the series.

But not for Binnington! Binnington remains steadfast in his feelings: it happened, some greater power gave him the perfect opportunity, and he is not really sorry. Well, maybe he’s sorry about that The water bottle went down two feet from Qadri. Didn’t even hurt him! Alas, God gave him his shot but unfortunately forgot to notice his arrow.

Kids, recycle your bottles. God knows we need it.

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