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Boston superstar duo Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum appear to be preparing for Friday’s series opener in the NBA Finals, but even the fans had to take some time to smile at the exorbitant price that is coming out for tickets.

The top seven NBA Finals series between the Celtics and Warriors begin Friday morning (AEST), with the first two games to be played at the San Francisco Chase Center and the series for the next two games before moving to Boston.

But as all sports events are worth watching, the price of a single ticket has skyrocketed before the first game.

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The least expensive tickets for a game, which can be purchased through Warriors’ authorized ticketing partner Ticketmaster, are currently listed at $ 850 (AUD) before applying a পরিষেবা 140 service fee per ticket at the final checkout.

These seats are as far back as possible, and the corners are not central to the court.

Lower-Bowl seats near Action are currently priced between $ 1,500 and $ 6,000, while Courtside Seat Ticketmaster is no less than $ 60,000.

While the news of the extraordinary price has shocked fans and pundits, it was not missed by the players either, Brown and Tatum highlighted the problem.

Tatum, who recently won the MVP award at the Eastern Conference Finals for her efforts to reach the decisive stage by beating Miami, shared a clip on Snapchat with the caption: “A ticket costs $ 1000. [laughing emoji]Support from crib. “

In the same video, a smiling Brown is heard urging people close to him not to ask for tickets.

“$ 1,000 (USD) per ticket,” Brown said. “Don’t call me, watch for free on TV.”

Meanwhile, current ticket sales at the resale market indicate that the average price for either of the Warriors’ two opening games will be বল 2,500 at Ball Park.

And if you’re wondering why ticket prices are so crazy, especially in San Francisco, unlike many professional sports organizations, the owners and operators of the Golden State Chase Center give them the flexibility to set the price at will.

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