Golden State Warriors set the Boston basket high before the NBA’s Game 3

The Golden State Warriors arrived at Boston’s TD Garden for the NBA Finals Three Game that the basket they were shooting for in the warmup was the wrong height.

A 10-foot wooden pole was brought in to measure, and it confirmed that the basket was a few inches too high. It is adjusted quickly.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said during his pregame media availability that he was not aware of the problem, but it was not uncommon.

“The players have a really keen eye for it. The players can tell, ”he said. “I imagine someone went there, looked at it, didn’t see it. So as long as they take care of it, everything is fine. “

Kerr then took the opportunity to needle the league for a late start time. All weekday games close after 9pm ET, Sunday games one hour earlier.

“It’s a good thing the game starts at midnight,” Kerr said as reporters laughed. “We’ll have plenty of time to fix that.”

Before the seven best series moved to Boston, the team split into two in San Francisco, where 17-time NBA champions Celtics have a history of success – and some say, Shenanigan.

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Former Celtics coach, general manager and president Red Auerbach has often been accused of everything from turning off the hot water in the visitor locker room at the original Boston Gardens to engineering dead spots on wooden floors.

Hall of Famer Bill Walton, who was a member of Celtics’ 1986 championship team, said he did not think anything unpleasant was happening there.

“I’m surprised Steve Red didn’t say anything about Airbach,” he said.

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