Hawthorn Chad Wingard taunt, Kane Cornes responds, Suns Charlie Ballard

Hawthorne forward Chad Wingard will have to pull his head off after the Hawks’ 121-54 loss to the Sons on Saturday night, according to Port Adelaide’s Great Kane Cornes.

Cornes identified two moments from Vingard in the third quarter that didn’t sell out with him because the Hawks were just seven goals behind at the time.

He advised Wingard to play an “innocent game” to draw a free kick and criticized the forward for insulting Sun defender Charlie Ballard by kicking in a goalless moment after trying to get the umpire’s attention.

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Cornelius was aiming for Wingard to copy Sydney’s Luke Parker, who made headlines earlier this month for insulting Asland’s Dylan Shield mid-game.

“He’s involved in a competition at Forward 50 – a shameless game for a free kick … then the ball comes straight back and he miraculously returns to his feet,” Cornes told Nine’s. Sunday footy show.

“He scored a great goal that Chad could score.

“After that, you’re down 40 points. You’re not Luke Parker – we’ve seen Dylan Schill.

“I think you have to pull your head up and understand where you are as a club and where you are as a player.”

Cornes said he hopes Hawthorne coach Sam Mitchell will talk to Vingard.

“Yes, extremely talented and you can never question his competition, but it was a simple effort,” he added.

“I think it’s embarrassing and (Sam) Mitchell should probably say something to him.”

With four wins and seven defeats, the Hawks sit 13th on the ladder.

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