Heritia Lumumba has leaked two more audio recordings, claiming she is in “peace”.

Heritia Lumumba seems to have ended her long-running feud with Collingwood Football Club, but not before releasing two more audios from her time there.

Lumumba again took to his Twitter account to publish files containing conversations with then-coach Nathan Buckley and list manager Derek Hein to prove that he was expelled from the club in late 2014 – a week after the initial leak of his conversation with Buckley.

The 35-year-old said he was providing recordings “to make it clear that I was kicked out of the club”.

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“They made it clear that they made their decision (and) that my only choice was to retire or do business,” he tweeted.

“It has become clear to me that my decision to challenge the club’s culture will not be tolerated.”

Lumumba has followed two new tapes with a statement indicating that he will move forward.

The statement said, “It brings me a great feeling of peace (and) fulfillment to close this chapter (and) with confidence to take this issue as far as possible.”

“Over the years, there has been only one mission: to tell (and) protect my truth. Evidence has been released only because individuals have consistently reduced the severity of the damage they have suffered while in my CFC, as well as the results of the ‘Do Better’ report.

“Since the release of the ‘Do Better’ report, CFC officials have been struggling to avoid blaming anyone for the club’s serious cultural failures. Systematic problems are not accidental – they are the result of inadequate leadership.

“I’ve been trying to close this chapter since 2017, but the repeated dishonesty, misconduct, and refusal to acknowledge past (and) general information about CFC statistics has led to this. I will always reserve the right to defend myself, especially the club (and) After working so hard to overcome planned slander and disrespect by its representatives, they now have to bear the brunt of what they have been trying to deny for so many years and face the reality that they could not fix things. Despite that. “

Despite his apparent animosity towards the club, Lumumba thanked Collingwood fans who supported him year after year.

“I grew up on this journey – and adversity has sharpened me in every way that can be imagined. I want to thank all the people who have supported me over the years, especially Collingwood fans. I know it’s hard. Your favorite club is racist. Is associated with, but your understanding of what is needed to fix the problem is greatly appreciated.

“Less than two weeks after I became a parent again, it’s time to close this chapter and let go of this burden.”

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