Hobart Hurricanes brought Ricky Ponting to the backroom staff

Ricky Ponting will return to the off-field role in the Hobart Hurricanes, having been named head of the club’s strategy for the next three years.

According to a statement from the club, Ponting’s role will help him identify candidates for the now-vacant head coaching position in the men’s team and match and list strategy with those who will be appointed as the new coaches.

The 47-year-old played one match in the opening season of the tournament and seven more in the second, before retiring.

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“The competition and the game itself has changed dramatically since I played for the Hurricanes,” said Ponting.

“I know a lot more about the subtleties of playing T20 now than I did then.”

His term with the club is effective immediately, as they want to replace Adam Griffith, who resigned in January.

The Hurricanes advanced to the finals of the 2017-18 competition and finished first on the ladder the following year, only to be bundled out in the semifinals.

In the three years since then, the opening final has resulted in two defeats and a campaign where they completely missed the playoffs.

“I’m excited about the progress of Tasmanian and Australian cricket in all its forms, so being asked to take on such an important role for Hurricane is really special,” said Ponting.

“I’m looking forward to starting work and making sure the best coach for what we need then making a plan for the team to run next season.”

Hobart, along with the Melbourne Stars, are two of the teams that have never won a title – but Ponting hopes to change that.

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“With a few changes in a few important areas, I believe Hurricane has the foundation to win our first BBL Trophy.”

Cricket Tasmania CEO Dominic Baker joked that Ponting had simply said yes to removing him from his back.

“Honestly, I think Ricky probably said ‘yes’ because he bothered me to come and join us in my illness,” he said.

“But really, it’s a win for the league, not just for the Hurricanes and Tasmanian cricket.

“In my opinion, Ricky is undoubtedly the best T20 strategist in the world, and as a proud Tasmanian, we are thrilled to have him under the tutelage of the Tasmanian team for at least the next three seasons.”

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