Huge annoying dumbass note that no one wants to talk to him about being huge

If people want to remember Jack Dale Rio’s career as an NFL coach, it would be a time when he had a series of incidents where his punter almost cut his leg with an ax inside the locker room. . If anyone tries to think a second thing about him, he will be a fool.

Del Rio, who is currently the defense coordinator of the Washington commanders, has been sending some tweets recently. Take a look at them, and you’ll immediately recognize their thoughts, the kind of thoughts that can only be produced by someone who watches a lot of Fox News after a golf visa indoors.

As easy as it is for you and me to ignore what Del Rio says and thinks, it is probably more difficult for those who have to go to work with him every day to forget the fact that they are taking orders from a man. George wants to know the “whole story” about Floyd’s protest, and Seth Rich is a conspiracy theorist.

At a press conference today, Del Rio was asked about his recent tweets and how they could lead to a potential conflict between him and his insane colleagues. Del Rio closed the question, saying he would be happy to discuss his political views with anyone else in the party, but no one has yet tried to engage him in such discussions. He then proceeded to defend his statement and to describe the January 6 riots as “dusty”.

We have a person here who, like many Americans, has fallen into the reaction loop of being an unpleasant shithead who only communicates with unpleasant shitheads. Spend enough time talking nonsense and blasphemy — first on your own television set, then on the Internet and then on a microphone — and people around you will make wise decisions to finally clear your entire deal. It certainly encourages you to speak up More Wild and reprehensible thing, and then one day you wonder why no one wants to talk to you about “Week Mind Virus”. Your players just want to go through their defensive practice, man. It’s not their job to talk to you about exactly how much pudding you have on your scalp.

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