IndyCar Series 2022 News Will Power comedian brother Damien steals the show

Talented family, power.

After watching Will Power Storm on the 16th to win the Detroit Grand Prix, his comedian brother Damien stole the post-race show.

Indica host Broadcaster’s camera caught Damien trapped as Will quickly stopped Alexander Rossi from regaining the championship lead.

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But after the stress lines were replaced by a wide-ranging laughter, the Toowoomba comic went into working mode on its own in a humorous interview with NBC Sports.

“I surprised him (Will) in the indie 500,” Power said.

“I came and it was practice and his car was pulled over there and the cars were passing by and I thought to myself ‘this is so, so boring, so boring game.’

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Comedian brother’s post-race humorous interview

“But then I got here in Detroit today and it’s very exciting. It has redeemed itself for me, I have to admit.”

Damien was then asked if he had proved himself to be Will’s lucky charm.

“What they don’t know is that I get in the car late at night and I make some adjustments, I change the oil and I pump the tires.

Aussie holds the ace for a dramatic win

“She’s always had tire pressure – the harder I work, the better. And I pump them – every time they win, I don’t know why they don’t listen to me.

“I get in there and change the car a bit, it looks like it’s working.”

Not happy to leave his audience wanting more, Damien then hammered it for the crowd before swimming in the iconic Scott Fountain on the Belle Isle.

It was a different story because it looked like Rossi could pass to Power, who held on for a second to win.

“His brother Damien and his wife, mother-in-law, are all there to celebrate,” said Australian commentator Leigh Defie Stan in sports coverage.

“His brother is stressed, a man who makes his career and his money make other people laugh. He’s not laughing, it was stressful.”

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