Isaah Yeo Head Knock He should have come off the field, Peter says

ARLC boss Peter V’landys insisted that the “correct procedure” was followed to assess Isaac Yoke for a potential injury in the early State of the Origin match, although it was said that it should have come “quite clear” from his field.

Yeo blocked a head knock in the opening tackle of Wednesday’s match and stumbled back into the defensive line.

The New South Wales instructor assessed him on the field, while the independent doctor in the bunker reviewed all available angles of the incident.

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Maroon star Cameron Munster said Thursday that seeing Yeo stumble made him “sick”.

Yeo insisted after the match that he did not shrink.

When Ben Fordham of Radio 2GB was asked if Yeo should have been taken off the field, there was no doubt about what the V’landys should have been.

“Yeah, I think he should have left,” she said.

“We have an independent doctor in the bunker, they decide. I am not a doctor, but he immediately informed the trainer on the field, the trainer made an assessment and he believed that he did not need to drop out.

“It simply came to our notice then.

Although V’landys thought Yor should have come off the field, he also defended the process that allowed the Blues Lock to play. The independent doctor ruled Yeo “Category Three” which required an additional check from the trainer.

“We launched it this year, leaving an independent doctor in the bunker to make these decisions,” he explained.

“They followed the correct procedures, they immediately informed the trainer, the trainer made an assessment, they re-evaluated him at half-time and he showed no signs.

“Bunker’s doctor may know better than (us) but at first glance it looks like he should have left.”

The ARLC boss noted that independent physicians had a vision that was not broadcast, and noted that the game has made great strides in the fight against injury in recent years.

“They’ve got different angles from all the cameras, they’ll see it much faster than what you see live,” V’landys said.

“We are serious about the injury, and the welfare of the players. Our work has shown that we do not tolerate head injuries.

“The welfare of the players is paramount to us.

“The correct procedure was followed. Due to the person being in the bunker, we were able to notify the referee and the coach so that he was evaluated.”

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