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One of the fun things about football is that when it’s done right, the best way for a team to ensure an exciting, dramatic end to the season is to be really good or really bad. The beauty of the sport may come from its rules and the talents of the players, but the passion comes from its turning. The system of promotion and relegation is so great because it extends live-or-die betting not only to fights at the top of the league table, but also to the very bottom. Sometimes, as this year’s Premier League relegation battle has proved, what happens at the bottom of the table can be the most impressive action in the entire league. And on Thursday, Everton’s season-saving win showed nothing more than the power of betting and even the glory of winning the least-bad-of-the-worst title.

When Dominic Calvert-Levin led the decisive goal in the 85th minute, capturing a burnstorm comeback that saw Everton turn a 0-2 halftime deficit into a 3-2 victory over Crystal Palace, with dozens of fans taking to the field to celebrate. – Chest with the players. You really can’t blame them. With the apparent joy, home fans felt a sense of leadership that, when it caught the final whistle, ensuring Everton’s place in the league the following year, fans had to feel a very real sense of ownership of the moment. Michael Keane, Richardson and Calvert-Lewin scored the goals that saved the club, but the fans contributed by creating an environment where victories like Thursday’s and other recent victories sealed the club’s stability. There is no way Everton is safe today without the performance of supporters at Goodison Park.

Five of Everton’s six wins have come at Goodison Park since bringing in Frank Lampard as manager. Despite witnessing perhaps the worst season in modern Everton history, fans knew they had a role to play in securing EPL safety, and so they relentlessly remain positive and deafly loud whenever Tofis takes the pitch. The power inside the stadium should have been like a turbocharger for the players who could find the support, confidence, inspiration in it that the team’s own game, it was weak for almost the entire campaign, could not emerge. And on the contrary, the Goodison atmosphere was an influential, oppressive force that exerted pressure and pressure on all of Everton’s rivals. The clearest example of this fan-team synergy came in Thursday’s match against Palace. When Kin scored that crucial first goal in just nine minutes of the second half, the feeling of the match changed completely. From that moment on, the stands were rocking, the toffee players were humming and Everton had all the momentum.

It is impossible to divorce the contribution of the fans from the performance of the players and the result of the match. That marriage of power defines the game, and the power of that bond is a big part of what makes the English game special. So, again, after Calvert-Lewin’s goal and after the match, how can you blame the fans for taking the pitch? They also helped their team win the game, and they deserve to feel like it from exactly where it happened.

The video above features 14 minutes of uninterrupted enjoyment and postgame recovery. Look at it all and you will see the players gather around the fans, the players on the field singing and manager Frank Lampard getting up in the box seat to hug the fans, the executive, the club legends and finally a random teenager singing and dancing. A scene was created on the occasion of one of the biggest and richest clubs in the country which does nothing but cement their status as none of the three bad teams in the league is objectively stupid. Not without it.

Lots of people rushed there Take urine Seeing Everton supporters and players celebrate as if they have won a title, but I think what divides them is a different idea of ​​what the game is about by watching those scenes and making fun of those who let themselves get stuck in the moment. Supposed to be for. Do they exist only to separate the weak from the strong, to sort the world into columns of winners and losers? Or do they exist to create moments and feelings that not only come with concrete, coded markers of failure and success, but create a crowd with words when it finally sees the thing when it was so desperate to testify?

No one knows the answer to this question better than Lampard, who has only been at the club for a few months. Lampard is one of the most talented players in the history of the Premier League. He has performed at the highest level of his playing career and won the most brilliant trophies, and so if anyone is equipped with the right experience from the right perspective to understand what the real game looks like in this game, he is the one.

“It’s incredible. It’s one of the biggest nights of my football life,” was the first word from Lampard’s mouth when he was finally removed for a postgame interview. “I thought I could cry,” he said.

Later, Lampard returned to the empty Goodison pitch for another interview, giving a more precise answer to the question of what makes sports important in his own way. “I told the players this morning. You get moments in your career, ”he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Which moments will be defined, and when you grow up you will remember এবং and I am bigger than them now এবং and you will remember that you either lost the final, or lost the game that was the main one, and you did something yourself Can be done and you disappoint your team. Don’t be that person tonight. Be the one that, as a teammate, you pulled them in and those moments will stay with you forever, no matter what you’re fighting for.

This is the matter. To make a moment like this:

Screenshot: United States

Fortunately for us, there is much more to the Premier League in Sunday’s season final. Manchester City are just one point ahead of Liverpool, so the title is still in the air. A little below the table, Tottenham will try to stop Arsenal from retaining their place in the fourth Champions League. And on the downside, Leeds United and Burnley, each enjoying a huge goal-scoring advantage at 35 points, still have some fight left for one of them to stay in the league next season. It will be difficult for any other competition to match what happened at Goodison Park on Thursday, but it is a matter of high stakes: you never know what’s going to happen, but it’s safe to expect it to be something big and dramatic and memorable. .

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