Jack Grellish in Went Lad mode at Manchester City’s title parade

Jack Grellish’s first season at Manchester City probably didn’t go as well as he had hoped. After a huge transfer of 120 120 million from Aston Villa last summer, the man with the huge calf was expected to play a key role in securing the City title. Although Grillish City struggled to find a place in the starting lineup and his personal stats – three goals and three assists in 26 Premier League appearances – mostly carried it.

It turns out that City didn’t need him for his football skills. After the club won the Premier League title in wild fashion on Sunday, Grillish stepped on the center stage to steal the spotlight during the club’s title celebrations, quite simply, himself:

Grillish has a reputation as a bitz who loves to party. See he doesn’t know what “encyclopedia” means or What to look like in England For the proof of the former, and his 2020 DUI for the unfortunate proof of the latter — but the man knows for sure how to get the hammer and show himself. Aside Double fisting throughout Monday’s Victory ParadeGryllis also went on to insult his teammates in front of the camera in a way that a group could roast someone for a typo.

Poor Bernardo Silva was trolled by Grelish, first in a joint video where he listed his personal reasons for Grillish City winning the title: Riyad Mahrez and Silva were dropped when the score stood at 2-0 at Aston Villa.

(At least Silva got a shot at Grilish towards the end.)

Grellish didn’t stop there, popping up again with John Stones to slag Silva again, having fun but without any filters. The man sounds like a chain smoker at 4am, stuttering and stuttering at his words, but he doesn’t let the ropes of his fragmented voice stop him from burning:

Later, Mahrez was interviewing Kyle Walker about who could beat him one by one when our devastated son jumped up and said he could and did, persuading Pep Guardiola to sign him for the club:

Grillish joins the proud tradition that athletes are proud and public during head-to-head celebrations, such as with enlightened individuals. Tom BradyRobert Granowski, JR SmithAnd Former Liverpool player Ginny Wijnaldum. It was the first trophy win of Greilish’s career, so it is understandable that he would be all out, even if he did not need that excuse. And hey, if his second season at City shows him off the mark like his first, at least he’ll have a second career as a DJ in Ibiza.

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