Jason Horn-Francis fired, North Melbourne asked for ‘petulant’ discipline

Ascendant Great Matthew Lloyd has urged seniors in North Melbourne to be tougher on No. 1 pick Jason Horn-Francis, suggesting his behavior has become a “distraction” at the club.

Despite having just 12 games in his AFL career, Horn-Francis has already made a lot of headlines, especially about his future at Kangaroo.

The 18-year-old was seen arguing with veteran teammate Todd Goldstein over the weekend and was suspended for two weeks for hitting GWS giant star Josh Kelly.

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According to Lloyd, the time has come for the Kangaroos to react to some discipline instead of being overwhelmed by their star males.

“I think in the first part of his career they used him in a sense, because they don’t want to annoy Jason Horn-Francis,” he told Lloyd Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“Maybe it’s time to go the other way and tell him, ‘The tail can’t move the dog, we’ll tell you what to do.’ We want to see how you train in the next two weeks and see if you qualify to play আমাদের next week in our North Melbourne.

“You’re not going to respect him for what he’s saying because he’s alive and he’s not breathing. It’s gotten to the point where if he continues like this at the end of the year, I think his value might be lower towards the end. Next year. I will seriously consider giving up because he is a misleader.

“Now is the time, not to tear him to pieces, but to tell these people, ‘You know what?’

Lloyd Horn-Francis’ behavior was compared to that of Carlton gunman Sam Walsh, who was also a widely discussed No. 1 pick and landed at a fighting club.

“I would like to compare him to Sam Walsh, who also won one of his first 11 games. Still, Sam Walsh was the toughest coach and most respected outside of (Patrick) Cripps in the first half of his season. People are internal,” he said.

“He started sitting in the team meeting and saying, ‘We have to do it better, friends.’ On the training track, he would stop a drill and say, ‘It’s not good enough,’ but someone said, ‘Who are you to say that?’ They directly respected him for the way he carried himself.

“On the field he would have been disappointed, but did he show it? He’s just about the team. It’s definitely an area where you say try and arrange a seating with Sam Walsh, I’m sure he will. It’s good enough to do it.”

While it is expected that there will be many clubs after Horn-Francis leaves North Melbourne, the Great Ken Cornes of Port Adelaide warned him against hitting his own standards.

Horn-Francis suspended for striking

“She has to be careful,” he said Footy is categorized.

“The dilemma for him now is … other clubs believe he is making noise that he wants to go to South Australia and return home. South Australian clubs are thinking, ‘Well, we have to pay him $ 800,000.’ ‘

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“Say Adelaide, for example, they’re going to pay him more than Rory Laird’s income. So after acting like that for him, how do you go to Rory Laird and say, ‘This guy is going to make more money and what does it do for culture?’

“I believe Jason Horn-Francis is going to be a great player, he has the qualities, he is very competitive, tough, brave and really efficient. I think he is going to go there, but it is a big way in the second half of the year. “

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