Jason Horn-Francis North Melbourne Kangaroos Trade Concerns, Instagram Post

Kangaroo young gunman Jason Horn-Francis fluttered a few feathers with his latest stunt on social media, liking a mock trade post that theorized that the No. 1 draft pick was being traded in Port Adelaide.

7AFL’s Instagram post has offered star forward Jack Butters a deal in North Melbourne in exchange for a move to Horn-Francis Power.

Horn-Francis is bound to Arden Street until 2023 under his standard two-year rookie contract, but is then free to explore his options.

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The 18-year-old chose to delay contract talks with Rose as he assessed the club’s direction after a terrible run so far this season.

Talking about Nine Footy is categorizedVeteran journalist Caroline Wilson has expressed concern after Rising Star nominees for Round Seven were warned after they had made an unannounced interstate trip to North Melbourne.

“It’s a small problem in itself, but because Jason Horn-Francis North Melbourne is a symbol of what it hopes to become in the next few years. Pick those who won’t be committed to the Footy Club,” he said.

“We’ve heard a few reports about him in recent weeks that he’s frustrated, not happy with the way Footy is doing at the club and then after another tragic rate over the weekend.”

Great Ken Cornes of Port Adelaide agrees that creating events with Horn-Francis is something that North Melbourne has to manage to keep him on his side.

“He must have looked disappointed on the bench when you went and saw him play live,” he said.

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Ascendant legend Matthew Lloyd added: “It’s an innocent thing to do and he will soon learn not to get involved again.”

Horn-Francis has made a solid start to his AFL career, averaging 17.8 per game and finishing first in clearance and competitive assets and second in tackle.

But a win from North’s first 12 rounds has brought intense scrutiny on senior coach David Noble, who is under pressure to maintain his position in the players’ instability report, as three of his top employers have recently left.

Lloyd thinks this will shape a “big 12 months” for Horn-Francis because he is thinking about his future.

“They (Rookie) get a two-year contract, so this time Jason will decide next year,” he said.

“He may have made it up in his mind right now but I think Ben King may have questioned whether he was going to commit again with the Gold Coast Sons at some point. He did, so the next 12 months it’s going to be a huge, huge one.”

“I want to see a big improvement and David Noble, his assistant coach, see what’s going to happen in the off-season with development.

“Some players can’t reach their potential, it’s sliding the door. Where you’ve been drafted has a big impact on whether or not you reach the potential. , List goes (Fremantle).

“The environment in Fremantle is making the boys better, and I’m thinking of the opposite in Ascendon and North Melbourne right now.”

Horn-Francis disliked the post.

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