Jim Tomsula is alive and ready to slap someone in the back

Have you ever wondered what Jim Tomsula is doing these days? Has your daily life been interrupted for a second by this intrusive thought, wondering what could be the former salesman (separately) of Meat and Dormat? Okay, I won’t speak for you, but I wonder this all the time. Now there’s an answer: He’s doing great.

After his glorious one season as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Tomsula was sacked in early 2016, condemned for roaming the railroads or returning to coaching on the defensive line, which is basically the same fate. He shaved his mustache and went to the Washington Commanders for a few seasons, then did a gig with the Dallas Cowboys that lasted until January 2021. At that point, he disappeared from pro football পর্যন্ত until now.

There he, r Creator of Zimbos, Rising from the sidelines and glowing positively. It’s the walk of a man who is ready to shout, “How are you?” Anyone who crosses his path. Tomsula returns to Germany, his first HC Gig spot, to coach the Rhine Fire in their opening season. He originally coached the team as part of NFL Europe in 2006, but this rematch of the team is an extension of the European League of Football. In this interview from June 5, before the Fire season opener against the 2021 title-winning Frankfurt Galaxy, Tomsula soaked everything.

“It’s awesome! We’ve launched a Fire-Galaxy game today,” he told the Run TV interviewer. “It’s really cool! That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Fire that day defeated the Galaxy 29-26; They beat Leipzig Kings 28-17 last Sunday. (You can find the highlights of Week 2 here, if you’re into this kind of thing.) The Tomsula team is playing 2-0 and hard-nosed football, as evidenced by this uncomfortable 96-yard comeback playing college ball at Samford:

It was a better on-field highlight than anything the 2015 49ers involved. So, what is Jim Tomsula doing? He is bringing instant success to a German football team and seems to love him every minute. No jumbo can be seen there.

From H / t Roger Sherman

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