JJ Reddick: I said that stupid thing on TV with purpose

Podcast bro JJ Reddick, who turned NBA player, is spotting some ESPN guests Take it first Recently, and he has received some positive attention outside of the deal. Most recently, he blamed fellow panelist Chris Rousseau for talking to Fox News about Dreammond Green, thus identifying himself as a rare thinker and genius. Take it first Panelist

Reddick is an intelligent man, and seems to understand one’s “success” best Take it first Depending entirely on how you intend to play a role and how you work for anyone else on the show that day. Reddick has done well to make room for itself as Smart and Sober One, but it’s a valuable location that can only last so long. As Reddick himself admitted yesterday, the very nature of the show claims that everyone, eventually, became The Real Big Dumbass.

It’s obviously funny, because Reddick is trying to position himself as, Is that okay? Well I’m just a ridiculous circus clown that lets television producers put silly words in my mouth! As some kind of takedown of a random Twitter user. It’s a good reminder of how this shit works and has always worked.

But mostly it is confusing. A lot of people pay a lot of money to be professionally stupid on television and although I can shake my head at them, I can understand why they do it. There is money, of course, but it’s hard to imagine any of these clowns doing anything else with their lives. What should Chris Russo do? Do you work in a bank?

Although JJ Reddick doesn’t need to do this with himself here. He has played 15 seasons in the NBA, grossing over $ 100 million, and in the process has tarnished his image as a disturbing shithead that was given to him in the minutes he enlisted in the Duke. Could have been radical Something The rest of his life, and yet he chooses to wake up some ungodly morning, travel to the ESPN studio and sometimes say something he knows is stupid and wrong, on a camera. This suggests something quite cool: Reddick is actually the biggest controversy perverter of them all. He doesn’t have to. He likes to do it.

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