Joe Girardi and Phyllis Bullpen are a fiery combination

With the exception of a few brief moments in the team’s 140-year history, Philadelphia sports fans have generally been excited by Phyllis. Much of the frustration of those fans in recent history has come from the bullpen, which had a 7.06 ERA in 2020 (the highest in 90 years) and threatened the blow-save record in one season last season. Phyllis went out and signed two sluggers this offseason in the hope that the bullpen would not be a problem. They also got some relievers, but the plan was clear: run enough that the bullpen doesn’t matter what it does.

About that. Although they started slowly, Phyllis sluggers have actually been slugging for most of the year. It’s not always enough. Earlier this month, the Phillies lost 6-1 to the Mets in the ninth leg. Bullpen did his job again last night, though it’s not the call but the manager that is pushing the old tension trigger.

Joe Girardi has been blamed for last night’s 7-5 defeat to the Braves. After Bryce Harper A two-run homer hit In the ninth, Giardi went to Nick Nelson for the ninth pitch to give the Phils a 5-4 lead. Nelson had previously dropped 17 pitches in the innings and left a double to Dansby Swanson, who moved to third on a wild pitch and Ronald Aquinas scored on a ball fly. Oh, yes, and then Aquina scored a single goal for William Contreras as the Roman queen threw a sack fly. Brave victory.

Corey Kenbell did not pitch near Phyllis.

Closer Corey Kenbell was not available to pitch because he had worked the previous two days, Monday in an unreserved situation, and Girardi has a policy not to use the Reliever for three consecutive days as it is a long season and, “the prize is in October.” He says.

Jim Salisbury, NBC Sports Philadelphia

In addition to Canbell, the reliever was Serrantho Dominguez and Jose Alvarado Also Unavailable then how did it happen that the whole back of the bullpen was out of commission? It started with the Phillies’ 4-3 win against the Dodgers on Sunday. Philis is going to lose it until Max Munshi pushes a game-ending groundout to the bottom of the 10th; Quick Roman Quinn scored from the second to give Phillies a 4-3 victory. All is well! The problem, however, was Kenbel, who was close to the team this year. He threw a 23-pitch at 10, allowing one run but winning.

Phillies beat the Braves 6-3 on Monday; At one point they were 6-0 up. Perhaps worried about another explosion against the Mets, Girardi pitched Kenbel on Tuesday. (Baseball-reference gives Philis a 99 percent chance of winning ninth place, but let’s face it, Philis is a bullpen, so we can drop to 98 or 97 percent in principle.)

The unavailability of Kenbell, Dominguez and Alvarado means James Norwood একটি an 8.53 ERA pitcher who was partly responsible for the fall against the Mets এসে came into the tie in the sixth game on Tuesday night. Norwood pitched four batters, dropped a pair of runs and was not out.

“We were small, really small at Bullpen tonight,” Girardi told Post Game. The Phillies pitchers will be resting for the original prize in October — really resting, if they stay home as usual. Kenbell said he was good with Girardi’s rule, but also that Kenbell’s victory was almost certain with a 7-3 lead in a game that should not have really pitched Monday. If a process is hard to figure out, here, you come close to understanding why and how Phyllis fans are feeling.

Girardi’s Bullpen rule extended to his time with the Yankees. To limit work pressure, especially at the beginning of the season, pitchers are limited to back-to-back outings. In 2015, he said, “It’s a thought process from the start — I don’t leave boys out for three days in a row. And that’s why I’m sticking to my rules because I want them healthy and strong in September. ”

In 2009, when the Yankees won the World Series, his pitchers were really fresh. Only two relievers in the AL presence were in the top 25 (Phil Coke 72 was present, Mariano Rivera 66). The Yankees had a 3.58 bullpen Ira during Girardi in New York. However, yes, a team’s bullpen is going to get better when it has Mariano Rivera at the back end. (Rivera appeared on Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”; Corey Kenbel’s Joe Walsh’s song “Rocky Mountain Way.” Came in the Godsmack version of Jesus Christ.)

Last season, Girardi actually allowed his reliever to pitch for three days in a row in early August. The first person to do so was Archie Bradley, who came in on August 2 for the third day in a row, and Phyllis finally saved a game he won. Bradley said Investigator He can then pitch further: “I am a proven Major-League arm. I’ve been to three in a row, I’ve been to four out of five — and I’m ready to take on as much weight and pitching as I can to win this NL East. ”

In August and September, Bradley had a 4.57 ERA with two saves and the possibility of a negative win added. The Phillies pitched 15-6 in the game and still haven’t reached the playoffs. Sometimes it’s hard to say whether the artist or the equipment can be blamed. May be both.

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