Jordan Binnington was injured and threw a water bottle at Nazem Qadri

Nazem Qadri looked confused as he spoke to the TNT studio panel after the Avalanches Game 3 win against the Blues on Saturday night. The Avs center was explaining his first-period clash with Jordan Binnington, which forced the Blues starter to leave the game early. “Just loose. I just tried to put my stick in there and, oh, you know, “Qadri started, before turning off the camera and mysteriously looking back. A few seconds later, he started again:” And just tried to free Pak. I remember. Their weak defender came and pushed me and that was the reason for the clash. ”

Qadri’s explanation is tracked in the replay of the clash, which shows blues defender Caley Rosen and Qadri walking over each other while they are skating towards the net and both fall into binning. Athletics Jeremy Rutherford reports That Binnington could be out for more than a week on a knee sprain; Blues head coach Craig Berbe said on Sunday that Binnington would rarely miss the rest of the second-round series.

However, Blues fans will be happy to know that Binnington seemed to be back to normal after the injury. The mystery of Qadri’s silence has not been solved. “Hopefully he’s OK,” Qadri said, referring to Binnington. “I’m not sure if he threw a water bottle at me.” Several members of the media hanging around the field supported Qadri’s allegations, along with pictures of the weapons, which remained at the scene of the crime even after the interview was over.

Neither side in this conflict is interested in believing the other. Berube points to Qadri’s “fame”, the history of his controversial post-season hits, one of which earned him an eight-game suspension last year when the Avs faced the Blues in the first round. Binnington’s teammates are Braden Shane and Robert Bortuzzo Commented A player in Qadri’s position usually knows what he is doing. Avs head coach Dr. Jared Bedner He felt the clash was unfortunate but legal, no different than the injury that left AVS defender Sam Girard out of the game in the first period. The NHL’s Player Safety Division Agree with Bednar and Qadri, And it will not review.

But a collision will be investigated: one between the water bottle and the floor near Qadri. Frank Seravalli of The Daily Faceoff Report today The NHL is looking into who threw it, while Athletic reports that it was a goalkeeper. TNT panelists made some progress, asking Qadri to make it clear that it was Binnington. Qadri told them it was possible but they had to ask the goalkeeper.

Reporters of Avs’s postgame media availability asked Qadri the same question and got the same answer. “I think it was Binnington,” he said. “I was doing the interview so I wasn’t quite sure, but yes, I think he was. I don’t know, I don’t know for sure. “The TNT panelists also asked if Qadri and Binnington were friends কি was it probably a healthy and good-natured water bottle chucking among friends? – to which Qadri happily replied,” No. ” We are not. ”

If they are, they will have a strange friendship. Last October, in an Avs-Blues game featuring several scrams, Binnington turned his goalie stick around Qadri’s head and the two had to be separated by an officer. “I certainly don’t want the kids waving their sticks there,” Binnington said He said after that. He has not yet been able to denounce his own behavior, so don’t be surprised if he sees a rise in gangsters throwing water bottles in the St. Louis area.

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