Josh Naylor hit a lot of homers for the Guardians last night, which

Baseball is going through one of the crises of its self-inflicted existence because those who brought you baseball are clearly ashamed of the products it provides, it is good to know that baseball still has an almost unlimited inventory for it. . Which brings us to things like Guardian-White Sox.

And that’s exactly where we stopped you, because you’re quickly sweeping the nets around your brain because you forgot that the Guardians are now called the Cleveland baseball team, and they play in the traditionally helpless American League Central, the place where a home-end with interest A- Home goes to Detroit for a doubleheader. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

But we are averse. It’s about the Guardians and the White Sox and how Cleveland’s first baseman and nominee Big Lug Josh Naylor (5 ′ 11 ″, 250 pounds, which is quite a lot) drives eight runs to give Cleveland a 12-9 victory over the White Sox. Yes, eight runs after the seventh inning. This is the first time since the RBI’s invention in 1920, according to the Elias Sports Bureau; Before that, those who played baseball just called them turnips, or boogie whips, or wig parties, or whatever.

However, it was another cool AL Central game on Chicago’s glittering South Side, where the best thing about the neighborhood is the cubs playing elsewhere. The White Sox scored in the first inning and took the lead up to Neilor, until Steve Cowan, known to Guardians fans as “one who is not Jose Ramirez,” hit a double-double down the left field line to score. It’s eighth 5-2. The White Sox scored three at the bottom of the innings, though, to make sure you still didn’t pay attention.

Only the Guardians put together a rally to bring Nailer back in the ninth inning as the eighth hitter, at which point he fired a first-pitch fastball rocket from the White Sox for a Grand Slam from Liam Hendricks that tied the game at 8-8. . He was barred from batting in the 10th inning because baseball was a complete bastard, but in the 11th inning Magic Besrana’s Miles Straw came in second and Ramirez first after being walked by Ryan Burr. There were two outs, and Burr could have opted to avoid Naylor, who was clearly French-kissed by God and pitched to pinch-runner / pinch-hitter Ernie Clement and his .200 average (10 for 50). Manager Tony La Rusa even admits to considering it, but decides to let Burr be Burr, as Naylor has already hit him all for one night.

Except, well, you know. Burr offered a 1-0 cut as Neyler had no business to beat Le Guardianes over the right-center field wall. He even screamed with victory as if he had fallen into a cactus orchard because he thought he had crashed into an outfield wall in Minneapolis last June along the way around his base, leaving him with multiple right fibula fractures and torn ligaments. His season.

Naylor still has days when her legs want some pool time. “I mean, we all see some day that it’s a little hard for him to get around and it’s understandable,” Guardians manager Terry Francona said after the game. “But he looks really good in the batter box (slash line: .347 / .370 / .534). And you can tell how much it means when something happens. She is really emotional. I get it. He missed the baseball game. He missed the game with his teammates. It means a lot to him. “

And he saved it all for four innings of a game that most of the 17,168 gave up well before him because, well, it’s 5-2 and then it’s 8-2, and there’s work tomorrow, and you got to school, and the beer stand closed and Well, screw it, we end up here.

Fellow Mill Reiss explained it best when he said after his teammates, “You know we’ll never see it again, will we?” But at times we will, because baseball never stops throwing games at you, whether you like it or not, and if you want to live to be 137, it will come back to haunt you. Amazing things appear magically when you least expect it. I mean, the Cincinnati Reds have just combined their first two-game winning streak of the year, and here it is, just May 10th. Big time in Ohio, kids. Whip in.

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