Justice continues to wave after Chris Terzewski’s victory over Paul Galen

You may not know his name a week ago – but Chris Terzewski is keen to keep it in the public eye for next year.

After securing the Australian and Australian title belts in a unanimous decision against NRL legend Paul Galen, Terezivsky revealed that he had resorted to sending a message to the former shark on Instagram, before the fight was over, he was offered from the blue.

“Like I said the whole time, I feel like I’ve expressed this fight,” he said.

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Terezivsky said he was talking to teammates about the possibility of a card fight with one of Australia’s biggest names, such as George Cambosos, but he was interested in the opportunity to fight Galen for a change in the emerging bridgeweight division.

He said he was going to send Galen an Instagram DM, shooting promising shots for a number of reasons – but the outcome of the fight between Barry Hall and Sonny Bill Williams changed everything.

“He has done a lot for the Aussie fighters, he has helped my comrades a lot,” Terezivsky said.

“When Buzz lost to Sonny, I thought that opportunity was going to be wasted … Then two weeks later I got a message from my manager, ‘Paul Galen wants to fight you.’ – What’s going on here? ‘

“When it happened, I thought it was a blessing, I had to take this opportunity – short notice or not, I’m going to jump into it. And I just said to myself, ‘I’m going to ride this wave’, you don’t often get these opportunities. . “

Unload on the lion-heart gallen opponent

And now, I can’t wait to tell you how long that wave will last.

Dean Lonergan has already come up with the idea for Terzievsky’s fight against Justice Honey – which, of course, the new champ said he would be happy to do.

“It will be a good competition, me and Justice, because he is a good boxer himself. It will be a great opportunity, but I think with the opening of Bridgeweight, I will be able to track my way to the world stage faster.

“I want to set up my mom, she works so hard, so if it was a big money fight I would jump into it.”

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