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World-renowned boxing promoter Eddie Hearn believes Justice Honey’s footwork can disappoint him as he continues his transition from an amateur to a professional.

Honey (5-0) faced Joe Goodall (8-0-1) in the biggest fight of his professional career, and while Horn was fascinated by the work of the 23-year-old at the amateur level, he warned that the professional heavyweight division was a different kettle of fish.

“It’s very difficult. You have to hold your legs harder. You have to punch harder. You’re always under pressure to have fun,” he told Wide World of Sports.

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“It’s very difficult to tell a fighter when they’re not losing a round. It’s about discomfort in the seat.

“Honey does a lot of movement on his legs, probably too much for a heavyweight, in my opinion, and sometimes probably doesn’t set his legs as he needs to, but that transformation will come as a professional.”

According to Horn, the match-up against Goodall, who has won six of his previous nine fights at first-round stops, will reveal a lot about the man who has been identified as the future star of Australian boxing.

“I know Justice Honey from amateurs and he’s a genius, but I’ve got a secret feeling for Goodall in this fight, because I think it’s his world title fight,” he said.

“Kevin Barry is a very good trainer. I’ve seen him on the scales, he looks really good.

“We’re going to find out about Honey in this fight, because how good is he? How tough is he wearing short gloves? He’s a great talent, but I’ve got a great feeling for the good in this fight.”

For the Honey-Goodall winner, according to Horn, another Australian could be on the horizon.

“A good fight against tonight’s winner Dempsey McKinnon,” he said.

“You’re somehow back to Lucas Brown, I’m trying to get him against Dempsey McCain. Dempsey is suddenly 20-0 and top-15 in the governing body, so he’s ready to go to the big fight.

“You need talent in the heavyweight division to improve the game, so it’s great that you’ve got Justice and Dempsey and Goodall. Even better if you can keep them fighting each other.”

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