Justice Honey’s opponent, Joe Goodall’s response to Wild Drive-by Theory

Less than a week after Justice Honey’s next fight, it is only natural that questions are being raised about the possible link between the fight against Joe Goodall and the drive-by shooting that rocked the boxing star and his family on Thursday morning.

Yet any wild theory suggests that before the shooter tries to shake Honey, he enters the ring and sounds like crazy to Goodall.

“I don’t have any clues, I don’t know where to start,” Goodall told Wide World of Sports.

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“I don’t want to guess, but I don’t think so.

“It’s a crazy thing. I’m glad no one was hurt and the fighting is still going on.

“I think all the investigation, it’s the business of the police. I just said about it yesterday, I can’t go that far.

“I’m only focusing on June 15th and I’m not worried about what’s going on around me. I’m in Tunnel Vision Fight mode.

“I’m sure it’s hard to deal with but I’m not thinking of anyone other than myself at the moment.”

Drive-by shots fired in Brisbane

Speaking to reporters outside his home the next day, Honey’s father and trainer Rocky said he was concerned about what the incident might mean in less than a week after the fight at Brisbane’s Nissan Arena.

“There may be someone who doesn’t want to see Justice succeed, I’m really worried about it,” he said.

“But at the moment I’m just guessing (why they were shot in the house).

“We just have to move on. We have one week left to fight.

“Justice is shattered, but the focus is on … it’s a big fight.”

Upset but unharmed, Honey went to practice in the morning to finish the last day of the fight against former WBA heavyweight champion Lucas Brown.

The 43-year-old was called in to help prepare Honey for his first fight since a fight with Paul Galen last June, after George Cambosos vs. Devin Honey played in the first round against Junior Fa.

Honey was scheduled to face New Zealand’s Kiki Lutel on May 11, but the fight was called off after cardinal headliner and world title contestant Jai Opetaya suffered a rib injury.

Earlier in the year, Honey and his team ambitiously aimed seven fights in 2022 but have yet to get a foothold in the ring.

Brown told Wide World of Sports that the shooting incident would not derail Honey’s preparations if it was handled properly and that the Aussie heavyweight champion still had plenty of pop in his fist in Thursday’s session.

“I think it all depends on how it’s handled. If it goes away quickly, it’ll be fine,” Brown said.

“But if it goes on and on, it’s going to get worse. The kid is great. Judging by the fight we had yesterday, it doesn’t seem like he’s on fire. It’s bothering him. Maybe they’ll be fine. “

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