Justice Honey’s promoter Dean Lonergan ripped off Joe Goodall’s performance, counter-attacking

Justice Honey’s promoter Dean Lonergan unloaded Joe Goodall for his performance in the pair’s heavyweight blockbuster, calling the show “disgusting.”

Despite questions over his ability to hit and potential rust after a 12-month layoff, Honey has shown that he was far above his former sparring partner, winning a unanimous decision in a 10-round fight.

After Honey’s victory, which gave him a realistic path to the World Cup title, Lonargan said Goodall’s camp had lost all hope of a possible rematch.

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“My son, Justice Honey, was fighting for the IBF and WBC titles. That stupid, goodwill, was fighting for the WWW title,” he told reporters after the fight.

“Importantly, he came to wrestle, he did headbutt, it was a disgusting performance from Joe Goodall in my opinion.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Goodell did nothing but make the fight as dirty as possible … and he made it as annoying as possible.

“If they think they’ll ever come and have a rematch with Justice Honey, they can go on their own.”

Lonergan named Chris Terzievsky, Lukas Brown and Kiki Lutel as potential future opponents of Honey.

The Kiwi promoter also fired a thin veil, arguably the world’s greatest preacher, Eddie Horn, who advised Goodall to defeat Honey before the fight.

Queensland heavyweight Dempsey McKin (21-0, 13 KOs) is part of Horn’s stable, and when Lonargan said he would welcome a meeting with McKinn, he suggested that Horn not do so.

“Don’t even talk to me about Dempsey McCain. They’ll run like little bitches because they won’t fight Justice Honey,” he said.

“After that performance, Eddie Horn will sit there and think, ‘Why should I keep my big heavyweight with him?’. He has no chance.

“McCain has done very well to get to where he is by fighting people who can’t fight. They’re rubbish people who leave their way, put on their boxing shoes and then turn around and get knocked down by someone who can’t fight you. You can say that he can’t fight just by watching her train.

“To mention Dempsey McKinn, even though he’s ranked 10th in the world, would be an easy pick for Justice. We’ll take him to heartbeat but he’ll run like a little dog.”

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