Justin Langer hit Cricket Australia during his speech

Former Australian cricket coach Justin Langer used a speech on Wednesday afternoon to criticize Cricket Australia’s dismissal attitude towards the former greats of the game, as well as pouring cold water on the idea of ​​always coaching England.

A keynote speaker at the WA event, a chamber of commerce and industry titled ‘Reset 2022’, Langer recalls a conversation with then-interim CA Chair Richard Freudenstein shortly after his breakup with the national team.

“The first thing is he [Freudenstein] He told me, ‘It must make you feel so good that all your peers are supporting you in the media,’ “Langer told the crowd in Perth.

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Several former teammates – and game legends – came to Langer’s defense during the coaching story.

“I said, ‘Yes, acting chairman, but with due respect, those teammates are also the best of all time in Australian cricket,'” said the former coach.

“They are the fabric of Australian cricket. They are Australian cricket. They work in cricket all over the world. So yes, I’m glad my teammates are taking care of me.”

After Darren Lehmann resigned in 2018 due to a ball tampering scandal, Langer said the last months were his best time as a coach, even when you factor in ongoing discussions about his future.

“Ironically, the last six months of my coaching career were the happiest time of my 12-year coaching career,” he said.

“Not only did we win everything, but I had the strength, and I had the focus, and I was happy – except for the bad politics.”

The 51-year-old also ridiculed the idea of ​​coaching the enemy – he was repeatedly linked after leaving Australia.

Langer said he had “never spoken to English cricket” and could hardly contain the idea of ​​coaching them.

“Thinking of coaching England … mate!” He said.

Australia last month signed Langer’s interim replacement, permanent coach Andrew MacDonald, to a four-year deal.

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