Kangaroo coach David Noble’s relationship with the players is deteriorating

Fractures continue in a disastrous start to the season in North Melbourne, with players reportedly turning to coach David Noble.

The Kangaroos saw teen sensation Jason Horn-Francis first overall pick in the draft at the bottom finish last year, with Russia expected to make some progress this season but have won just one of 10 games so far.

Noble’s leadership style has been called into question after a second-year coach was forced to apologize to his players after a verbal spat after a 108-point loss to Brisbane earlier this season.

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According to Caroline Wilson of The Edge, Nobel’s relationship with her players is a problem that is constantly tense.

“The stories that have come out of the club about the relationship between coaches and players are disturbing,” Wilson told Nine’s. Footy is categorized.

“It was annoying last week when the Herald Sun leaked news about the spray after the loss in Brisbane that David Noble had given to his players, so bad that he apologized.

“I think it’s a problem when players talk about these things. I hear more and more that players are just annoyed with the coach … sometimes with his mood.

“We’ve heard of David being very, very disappointed during some performances. The coaches are ‘us’, the players are ‘stars’, some of the language you hear.

“These are the stories I started hearing with David Tigg in late 2020. It’s a bit of a concern to me. I’m not saying David Noble is gone; he’s only one and a half seasons. But he’s got it. Some players have a lot to do to win.”

Despite the club’s on-field fight, Port Adelaide’s Great Kane Cornes said Nobel should not be blamed, instead listing boss Glenn Laff pointed the finger at him.

“I have some sympathy for David Noble because I don’t think he got the list he needed. It’s not a coaching issue; it’s a listing issue,” he said. Footy is categorized.

“I would like to ask the question: what steps have they taken to manage a positive list in the last three years?”

Will Phillips, the No. 3 midfielder before Logan MacDonald in the Cornes 2020 draft, points to the Kangaroos’ selection, which was later selected by Sydney, as one of the biggest misses in the jump.

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“The young key forwards are separating the game. You can’t pick players from the computer screen. That’s what I’m saying,” he said.

“There needs to be a process with their hiring and list management that didn’t happen. Their list manager came from Champion Data, he spent 20 years there, Glenn Jump, so I think (analysis) is an element that he saw as his strength.

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“How can you ignore Logan McDonald when you kicked Ben Brown out of the club.

“North Melbourne, who have stock in midfield, go for a midfielder who is my height. I understand he has a glandular fever and we haven’t seen him play, but is he going to be as harmful as Logan McDonald’s potential?”

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