Kyle Chalmers has condemned the coverage of Cody Simpson’s election drama for the world

Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers has hit the media coverage of the election drama between himself and Cody Simpson, which surpassed the Australian Swimming Championships in Adelaide.

After the pair finished second and third in the 100-meter butterfly, Chalmars was cast as a bad boy for not giving Simpson a place in next month’s World Championships in Budapest.

The top two opted for the World Cup, but Chalmars had previously flagged that he would not compete in Hungary, opening the door for Simpson to get a place in his first national team.

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But a backflip from Chalmers means Simpson has been dropped, dismissing the Olympic champion as “sad” and claiming that Simpson had decided to date his ex-girlfriend Emma McKeown.

Chalmers said the call was based on the fact that he started out as a butterfly swimmer and only his body prevented him from representing Australia in that event.

Although not in the World Cup squad, Simpson has been named in the Dolphins squad for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in July.

Chalmar was particularly absent from the team announcement.

“The last few days have been really challenging for me emotionally and emotionally and it has had a huge impact on me. As I prepare for a huge year in the pool I have to take care of my mental health and fix myself,” Chalmers wrote on Instagram.

“I can’t handle the media’s negative attention to my decision to compete in the world and the lines of story that surround my personal life. Shame to see the line unfold.

“The best thing for me at the moment is to rest in a house surrounded by my friends and family in Port Lincoln.

“I (sic) am also grateful for the opportunity to represent my country again, who knows how many more opportunities I (sic) will have to do so … so I am taking full advantage of this opportunity and keeping my dreams alive before it’s all over I hope you I can make everyone proud. “

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